The Reason for your Existence

We have written on the Home Page, “Make Enlightenment your Goal: it’s the Reason for your Existence.” We feel this statement deserves some clarification. The attainment of Enlightenment is clearly a rare occurrence and would therefore suggest that the vast majority of people fail to fulfill the reason for their incarnation. Most people show no interest in pursuing such a… Read more →

Enlightened Teachers

We are happy to announce that our number of Enlightened Teachers is approaching two hundred. The Hierarchy have predicted that our Group should reach 75,000 in the next few years. In taking these people along the Spiritual Path in such a short time They have provided us with a large number of Teachers and Meditators that can pass on the… Read more →

What Lies Ahead!

It is natural to ask questions such as: What will I gain from Meditating, what will I see, what will I hear. We don’t want to give you too many concepts and ideas prior to Initiation. We want you to discover things for yourself. We also realize every Meditator is different and will discover what they personally need to discover.… Read more →

Speed of Progression

As there are many Spiritual Paths available to the serious Seeker, choosing one that will lead to True Enlightenment can be a difficult task. This is not helped by the limitations of time and Geographic location. We therefore have to be cautious, discriminating and courageous. It is essential that we read, carefully, the literature of a Path and ask penetrating… Read more →

Special Meditators

  We are told by the Spiritual Hierarchy that a new Lightwave of Energy has been released on our Planet. The purpose of this is to allow large numbers of people around the World to become Initiated into the Light and Sound, some of which will go on to become Enlightened. There is however, another reason, which involves reaching a… Read more →


We mentioned on the home page the number of Initiations that were envisaged in the next 3 years. This number of 75,000 was presented to us by the Spiritual Hierarchy. We have been discussing how bringing Spirituality to you Planet by mass Initiations can raise the Consciousness generally, of the inhabitants. This then leads to more awareness of the Planet… Read more →

Why Seek Initiation

In answer to the question, “Please could you talk to us about why a person should seek Initiation and follow a Spiritual Path, and how does it help a person on death?” When someone gets Initiated, immediately it sets up a potential link with the Higher Planes. How much a person works with the Energies of Light and Sound, will… Read more →

Light and Sound Meditation

Light and sound energies are mentioned in countless numbers of books and spoken about by many meditation groups. However, there are many different types of these energies which fall into 3 main categories: physical, imagined and Spiritual. We want to make it absolutely clear that the Energies we speak of have nothing to do with the lower levels which are… Read more →

Free Will

Over the years the question of free will has been raised many times and many varying answers given. We think some of what has been said really makes very little sense. For example: From Enlightenment there is one thing everywhere therefore no duality, no choice no free will. However, this suggests that you can have a perspective from Enlightenment and… Read more →

The True Potential of the Human Brain

The Brain remains as one of our greatest mysteries; we all have one and yet we have little idea how it functions. In the last few decades science has made great neurological discoveries and can monitor brain waves as well as pinpointing areas of activity during thought processes. What is not known is the true nature of thinking, perception and… Read more →