When people write about their experiences and States of Consciousness they are bound to fail as words alone cannot possibly convey the Beauty and Magnitude of the Spiritual Realms. However, in order to inspire others, we thank you for trying!


Testimonial (S.B.)

  The Initiation A Sound rang in my head , became louder and melodious and spread all over my body, making my body vibrate accompanied by bright Light. Immediately my heart filled with joy, lightness and energy, all cells in my body vibrated this beautiful Energy. Then I was being pulled through a dark tunnel that was suddenly blacker than… Read more →

Testimonial (M.G.)

  My first experience of initiation on Light & Sound was very accurate. At the right and perfect time. I became from doing various processes for several years; and I had already reached the point of supposedly realize and understand many things, including integrating learned concepts, but I knew that something was missing and an existential void had been created… Read more →

Testimonial (M.P.)

  In early 2015 I started to feel a little different to what I always felt, it was out of the parameters that I knew. Years later an enlightened friend (P) 💖❤💙 insisted that I should be initiated in light and sound; I didn’t understand what she was talking about, but I accepted. In July 3, 2019 (C) gave me… Read more →

Testimonial (D.D.)

  My story of emptiness, that one about Love … One for which there are no words or human emotions to describe, even though, one that my Heart asks me to write in one more morning where tears of happiness sprout from my chest, where the longing is to remain eternally and never leave, one in where it becomes that… Read more →

Testimonial (L.A.)

  To talk about how this wonderful EXPERIENCE happened, is to go back to the initiation of LIGHT AND SOUND, where I arrived following my heart. It was a connection with a whole, I felt part and at the same time everything, it was a feeling difficult to describe, even more difficult because I was the last person to narrate… Read more →

Testimonial (A.C.)

  After several months of continuous meditation, after the initiation and a week before the illumination, in the middle of the chaotic noise of work stress, in the middle of demanding work, something particular happened to me. I felt at one point a sort of abstraction, I was disconnected from my physical part and accessed an empty space without needing… Read more →

Testimonial (L.B.)

  To get started on the path of light The way back to a whole With your conscience awake And the understanding of how great we are. The experience is Indescribable You transmute your physical body to energy You expand your warm and ineffable light Suspended in an absolute void. The silence in full splendor accompanies you The space is… Read more →

Testimonial (P.L.)

My endless meditation on light and sound for ten years and my desire to achieve the true purpose of my existence, have allowed me to perform the most sublime miracle of the Human Being, Enlightenment. My heart is happy and I thank because I realize the greatness of BEING. Because I realize what true Love is and feeling its infinite… Read more →

Testimonial (G.G.)

  3 Days – 1–3 January 2018 It’s just 10.57am, the third day of a three day meditate. This morning, in amazing Hollywood style glitz, the stars of creation took me on an incredible journey to the very edge of all being and beyond. I had asked to be Enlightened from day 1. But yesterday was a difficult day, I… Read more →