Special Meditators

We are told by the Spiritual Hierarchy that a new Lightwave of Energy has been released on our Planet. The purpose of this is to allow large numbers of people around the World to become Initiated into the Light and Sound, some of which will go on to become Enlightened. There is however, another reason, which involves reaching a critical mass of 75,000 Meditators which will have the potential to transform the Consciousness of the Planet. This is done by the sending of Love through the practise of meditation.

As our numbers grow, people from all around the World and from all walks of life will find themselves attracted to this Cause. They won’t necessarily know why; they will just feel drawn to be part of this group. Many will not even have meditated before or even read a Spiritual book. Many will have no beliefs in God and no religion. This is perfectly OK; what we are doing does not depend on these things; it simply requires a person to desire the Truth and to want to serve one’s fellow Man and the Planet on which we all live.

We have noticed already that a number of people that have received the First Initiation seem natural meditators. They instantly align to the Light and Sound Energies (almost as if they had done so before). They have demonstrated an incredible ability to travel through the Planes of Consciousness and have moved along the Path at incredible speed.

We sense that these special people have incarnated at this time in order to support this mission and spearhead its growth. Many demonstrate the ability to heal and show extreme sensitivities when dealing with the people around them. Although they are obviously special they share similar traits in that they conduct themselves with Grace, Integrity and above all Humility.

A number of them have also revealed that they have contact with the Hierarchy. Typically this started just before they joined the group. They felt a presence “cloak” them, often in meditation or during periods of quietness, sometimes in dreams. In some cases there was a verbal communication in which they were given some specific instructions.

We believe many of these people will be paramount to the spreading of this Path; they have been sent to Teach and inspire. As they move through the Path at great speed they will soon be in a position to Initiate those around them. This is the way our numbers will grow so that we will be able to reach the all important target.

If you feel what is written above resonates with you, if you think that you have had contact from a Being or “Presence” that exudes Pure Love then please get in contact with us. We are here to receive you and help you come to terms with your experience and show you a Purpose that will inevitably change your life forever.