Spiritual Sound

People are Hearing High Frequency Sounds

We have been noticing that a growing number of people (many are teenagers) have become aware of high frequency sounds that do not appear to be physical in origin.

Their descriptions are all very similar; they notice a set of frequencies, mostly steady in volume and pitch, that can randomly appear and disappear. They can even be present in noisy environments but usually occur when the person is quiet, often just before falling asleep.

If you mention it to people they will mostly say that they have not heard it. However, astonishingly, in a few cases, they exclaim, “Yes!, it has suddenly appeared”. They had not been conscious of it until we had brought it to their attention. It is as if we are able to somehow tune them in! Once heard, they continue to be able to access the Sound.

We have been told that the reason this is happening is because of all the Initiations and Enlightenments that are taking place all over the Planet. The amount of Spiritual Energy that is being channelled is unprecedented in modern times.

The Sound is always present but people cannot hear it until a Lightwave activates it. It is similar to the “dawn chorus”; as the first rays of the Sun begin to light up the sky, the birds burst into song and Nature is woken from its “sleep”.

It appears that the Earth and ourselves are not separate but intrinsically dependent. Our wellbeing both physically and Spiritually depends on the state of the Planet. Over the years we have plundered the mineral resources and destroyed many life forms through the pollution of their habitats. Although subtle, the sickness of the Planet has had a negative effect on us as Human Beings. We have become highly materialistic and less sensitive to the wellbeing of our fellow man. Moral codes and the pursuit of Spirituality have begun to take a backseat in a “me first” society.

This was the reason this Path was started, to bring Spirituality to the masses. This in turn has caused an Energetic awakening of the Planet; it is as if it is beginning to “sing”. Previously, a person would have needed an Initiation to perceive the Sound Current but now an increasing number of people are hearing it quite naturally.

Ask your family, neighbours and friends if they can hear it. You may be surprised how common this is. Many will be curious, if so, please direct them to this website to help them understand the Truth behind their observations.

Do let us know your findings; we would love to learn how widespread this is and how people are reacting to it.