Testimonial (K.R.)

I started meditating in 2006 and my journey at the beginning was wonderful; I meditated a lot and loved the new experiences I was exploring. My life’s circumstances then changed dramatically for the worse and unfortunately, it affected my meditation. I was not happy for many years following the tragic events in my life and I found it difficult to focus on my meditation. During that time I had my Second Initiation, which was not a smooth experience. However, I persevered as my meditation was a source of great strength and stability in my life. I was also in search for answers to the questions that still remained unanswered.
Over the years my life has settled and my love for meditation has grown stronger. I am happy I have persisted through the difficult times because now the circle is complete and I am complete. I have had the most wonderful experiences and revelations since my Enlightenment; I feel everything is easy and simple again. My dedication and determination have paid off. I am in a place of stillness, unmovable inner stability and strength. I have more patience, more love and understanding of myself and others and less judgement in my life. And I look forward to what else the meditation will reveal to me, as this is just the beginning of a new journey.