What Lies Ahead!

It is natural to ask questions such as: What will I gain from Meditating, what will I see, what will I hear.

We don’t want to give you too many concepts and ideas prior to Initiation. We want you to discover things for yourself. We also realize every Meditator is different and will discover what they personally need to discover. It is like a course of study that has been designed specifically for a particular student.

However, we also feel that a little description would be beneficial and inspiring at this stage. We are therefore going to indicate, in broad terms, what lies ahead!

Through the revelation of the Spiritual Light you will become aware of a multitude of Geometries and Colours that reflect the forms that you are aware of in the World.

Through the revelation of the Spiritual Sound you will become Conscious of a myriad of vibrational frequencies that again are reminiscent of those found in the Earthly realms.

The physical universe is populated with many forms of intelligence and the High Planes of Consciousness contain vast numbers of Spiritual Beings. So, it is likely at some point you will have communication with these Beings and receive profound Insights and Knowledge.

The Journey we speak of is a journey of Consciousness where the Nature of the True Self is discovered and its relationship to the Dimensions of the Creation. Knowledge is not imparted through lower intellect (a product of the mind) but by direct Gnosis.

You will discover that your perspective will shift enabling you to appreciate the “Bigger Picture”. This in turn will help you to make sense of and integrate your realizations.

Finally when this Path is revealed it will give you an Ultimate purpose that will manifest as Peace, Joy and of course LOVE.