Enlightenment is the Reason for your Existence

You have been guided to this website….Nothing happens by chance!

Spirituality is the ultimate purpose for your existence, but until recently was very difficult to access. It was only available to the “chosen few” and was shrouded in dogma, secrecy and lifestyle constraints…money usually played a part!

Our Mission is to offer it to the many. The Energy of the Light and Sound meditation and the discovery of Spiritual States of Consciousness, is available to all persons in all countries, regardless of gender, status, culture, race and creed.

You may have had Awakenings, or might want to find a way to start experiencing the Spiritual Energies for yourself.

The Energies we speak of can take many forms and are usually described as Divine Light and Sound. They are not perceived through the senses or created with the imagination. They exist in the Higher Dimensions and have been witnessed by countless numbers of people throughout the ages.

We should also mention that people report having “feelings” that they describe as a beautiful euphoric “Presence” of Love and Peace.

Everything we do is completely free of any obligation or monetary contribution. We act as a loosely affiliated group who want to reach out and spread Spiritual Truth to all those who need help and guidance. We ask for nothing in return and refuse all donations. We have no leader or buildings to maintain; all our Teachers work autonomously.

There are no lifestyle restraints; we simply encourage people to look after themselves so they can maintain a good Meditation practice.
We pass on the Light and Sound Energies to serious Seekers and explain that we are just conduits. The Source lies in the Higher Dimensions which we perceive as an Intelligence that we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy.


The Initiation we speak of is a miraculous connection that is made between the Seeker and the Spiritual Realms. This is achieved by a simple “Touch” by one of our Teachers. A Teacher is someone who has followed the Path of Light and Sound and attained Enlightenment. The connection is permanent but requires a regular Meditation practice to maximise the benefits.

These Divine Energies are there to guide you along the Path and Teach you the lessons you need to learn. Awe inspiring revelations, beyond all imagination, are revealed and ultimately can take you to Enlightenment.



Spiritual Energy on this Planet is at an unprecedented high level at this time. This means that large numbers of people around the World are having amazing Spontaneous Awakenings, some even attaining Enlightenment. Often these Experiences are so incredible that people doubt they are real. We are always happy to offer advice, which once again, is completely free, and to alleviate any concerns. We see these Awakenings as a clue to something bigger…a Spiritual Path culminating in Enlightenment.

We have another website that focuses on Awakenings and Enlightenment. It contains some amazing Testimonials, many from people who have never even meditated.





This word has been used throughout the ages and carries a whole spectrum of meanings. Hence it is important to convey precisely what we mean by Enlightenment. We have therefore devoted a whole page of this website to defining it, and sharing the Testimonials of people that we have helped attain this State.

For now we are simply going to say that true Spiritual Enlightenment occurs when a person merges with the Oneness and completely loses their sense of self.

Spiritual Hierarchy

In February of 2015 a small number of Enlightened Meditators were contacted by an Intelligence. This Intelligence has appeared many times in the past. Sometimes to individuals and sometimes to groups such as the Theosophical Society who coined the name, Spiritual Hierarchy.

The purpose is usually to help guide an individual, or to impart knowledge to help humanity. Spiritual Energies are being revealed to the people of this Planet on a scale never seen before! We are calling this phenomenon a New Lightwave.

We have another website that is dedicated to the Spiritual Hierarchy. It contains many of Their transmission which make fascinating reading.




The Global page includes an open invitation for Meditators, all around the World, to join with us and send Love and Light to our precious Planet. It is so important that we wake up and address the issues that are threatening the myriad of lifeforms that inhabit our beautiful World. We desperately need to restore balance and harmony as quickly as possible.


People who are looking for the Truth often need the reassurance that there are others that have the same Quest. The Spiritual Path has been well trodden, but it can get lonely as you have to Travel alone. It is important that focus and discipline are maintained if a person is going to reach their Goal.

We therefore offer a number of articles to help stimulate and encourage a person along the Way. Spirituality is never found in words but they are very useful to point someone in the right direction.


If you embark on a journey you want to know the chosen route will lead you to your destination. Curiously, if you seek Enlightenment you cannot Know what your destination is beforehand. You can read descriptions but need to trust that this is what you actually Seek!

We have therefore gathered a whole range of Testimonials from people who have had Spontaneous Awakenings and/or have Meditated on the Light and Sound Energies. We have also included a few Messages from Enlightened people who have left their Earthly existence and Ascended to the Spiritual Realms.

Contact Page

We have provided a contact page so that you can ask our Teachers any questions related to Spirituality and Meditation on Divine Light and Sound.
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We would like to thank Amanda Sage for her kind permission to use the beautiful image of Limbic Resonance depicting the Transference of Spiritual Energy between two Beings. www.amandasage.com