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The Source of All Knowledge

Where do new ideas, discoveries and inventions come from? Most people would claim that they come from their own minds and were inspired by some event, observation or even a dream. How do we account for child geniuses, who can write symphonies or speak many languages or have outstanding mathematical abilities? Many would suggest that the gifted children were born… Read more →

Testimonial (D.H.)

The light and sound meditation is an ancient method of meditation which reveals a spiritual path from revelation of the thousand petaled lotus to enlightenment. Seeing the thousand petalled lotus on my first initiation when I was just 20 years old way back in February 1987 was an amazing spiritual experience which showed me how pure the spiritual realms inside… Read more →

Meditation on the Light

Each Initiate has their own journey. If the seeker cannot access the Light, then they should look to their hearts and wonder why:- 1) Am I too greedy for the Light and not letting everything unfold in its own time? 2) Do I feel unworthy? 3) When I sit to meditate, am I always open for whatever happens? 4) Is… Read more →

The Truth About Enlightenment

  Often referred to as a Permanent State of Being. From the Spiritual Hierarchy: The permanent state of which you speak cannot be permanent, within a physical body. You can have realizations with states of consciousness but that is what they are, not states of being. For example, you can witness the state of “non thinking” in deep meditation, but… Read more →