An Analogy for God

Let me speak a little about God.

God sits behind the Universe and yet at the same time is the Universe. I shall try to use an analogy to help you understand this better.. Imagine that God is an infinite Ocean of Water. Water in every direction, no beginning, no end. Within the water there may be temperature variations and some parts could be very cold and form ice crystals. Those crystals would have shape and form; they would demonstrate an individuality. However, they would not be permanent and eventually they would melt and merge again with the infinite ocean.

We are like those ice crystals, thinking we have an individuality. When we observe the Universe we see all the shapes and forms. But when we begin to Meditate we sense that everything is in some way connected….we are not really what we thought we were. When attaining Enlightenment, for a short period of time we merge totally with the infinite Ocean and realize God…..the Energy that pervades Everything. In our analogy the individual ice crystal melts completely and becomes one with the Ocean..

After Enlightenment we become an ice crystal again but we can never be fooled into thinking we are separate as we Know the Truth: Everything is Water (God).

So, the Light and Sound are manifestations of God. God is beyond Light and beyond Sound; God is the Energy that creates (and simultaneously is) these Energies. If you read the Christian Bible in Genesis it says: God said, “Let there be Light” so God must have existed before Light. It also refers to the Word (Sound) of God, so again God existed before the Word, just as the Water existed before the crystals were manifested.

This is just a simple analogy to help explain the inexplicable!