Predicting the Future

  People have always wanted to know what the future might bring, hence the interest in Clairvoyance, Astrology, Tarot, Runes and the I Ching etc. The true understanding of predictions hinges on one question: Do we, as human beings, have Free Will?   If the answer is no, then everything in our lives must be predetermined and therefore predictable. This… Read more →

Definition of Enlightenment

  Enlightenment is a State of Being. On Attaining Enlightenment the Seeker transcends all the Levels of Consciousness and merges with the Oneness that pervades the whole Creation. In the Oneness there is: No Light. No Sound. No time. No left, right, up, down, forwards or backwards. No forms, shapes or colours. No limits. Most importantly there is no you!… Read more →

Self Healing

  This is from Samuel* for those who wish to heal themselves. A simple, concise way for anyone to practice, at any age, and doesn’t require any particular skill. Just as you can practice, on a daily basis, to bring Light and Love into your life you can also bring healing. So little is understood about the human body; there… Read more →


  Living in the technological World was never going to be easy – although there have been amazing advances in healing and communication, the downside is plain to see. It is quite shocking to find data telling you how much people are using their mobile phones and computers each day! The microwave energy used in these devices are causing health… Read more →

The Big Picture

  The title of our website suggests that we are a Meditation Group. This of course is true, but it is interesting to note that the first Communications from the Spiritual Hierarchy, at the end of 2014, were exclusively about new forms of Energy and the Cosmos. We were guided to produce elegant machines using a double coil technology that… Read more →


  As human beings we consider that we are conscious. Our consciousness depends on the input from our five senses, our emotions and thoughts. We can clearly see that animals are also conscious by the way they react to environmental stimuli. Science though might draw the line when considering the plant kingdom. Plants too react to their surroundings but is… Read more →

Other Groups – Other Teachings

  We are often asked questions about other groups and teachings. Often they have similarities to our own but together with obvious differences. It is intriguing to realize that Intelligence is being communicated to many open and sensitive people, all over the World, at this time. The problem is that the discrepancies that can lead to heated debates. Because the… Read more →

Enlightened Insights

  Different Perspectives The story of the blind men and the elephant beautifully illustrates this. Each man feels a different part of the elephant and thinks they know what they are dealing with. Every human being has a unique position in the universe which inevitably leads to arguments. Each person thinks they are right. And of course they are, from… Read more →

Andromeda Project

  16th February 2021   We received a Message that gave 5 Targets in the Andromeda Galaxy. These were in 3-D and were referenced from a point a few hundred light years from the plane of the Galaxy. The spiral structure seen from Earth is nearly edge on; the perspective we were given was face on! Below is a rough… Read more →


  During the past five years we have observed thousands of people around the World become Initiated into the Light and Sound. Traditionally, the Journey to Enlightenment was extremely difficult and required the Seeker to adopt an austere lifestyle; most would fail to reach their Goal. These days the Path has been made available to the masses and the large… Read more →