When people write about their experiences and States of Consciousness they are bound to fail as words alone cannot possibly convey the Beauty and Magnitude of the Spiritual Realms. However, in order to inspire others, we thank you for trying!


Testimonial (T.C.)

  During my meditation, I reached a state of calm disconnection and found myself surrounded by a dimly lit darkness with a pink fog. A white orb extended through the mist in front of me, illuminating the darkness. Two black orbs approached, glowing white with iridescent reflections of the entire spectrum, resembling flickering fireworks. They came from the left and… Read more →

Testimonial (P.S.)

  Although I was advised that the meditative experience may not result in “bells and whistles” I still felt somewhat discouraged when, after 5 weeks of continuous practice using a Personal Mantra, to me, nothing had happened. I wrote to my Spiritual Teacher about it and he asked me to relate anything that I considered unusual that occurred during my… Read more →

Testimonial (J.E.)

  The previous night’s sleep wasn’t good. Things in family and so forth playing on my mind. Even trying meditation that night I couldn’t settle. So I revisited some yoga poses and read some more uplifting books until sleep began to take hold – absorbing their words and loving intentions towards us and all those choosing this path. It helped… Read more →

Testimonial (M.B.)

  My Journey to Enlightenment and other Meditation Experiences   My journey into meditation began over 40 years ago, and it has been the foundation of my spiritual health and wellness ever since. I have found various paths over the years and enjoyed learning about how others have used meditation to expand consciousness and discover the truth of who we… Read more →

Testimonial (S.M.)

  Please note that before I recount what seemed to happen over the past couple of months, this retelling is an interpretation of events based on mental commentary and imagery from now looking back with the clarity that no words can touch what we are. Spirituality was a source of inspiration, destination and improvement for who I thought I was… Read more →

Testimonial (E.H.)

  Hello everyone (April 2022), I started to meditate on the inner Light and Sound on 12th September last year. Before the Initiation I meditated on a mantra. I then was already seeing a lot of Light. However the mind was leading then in what I saw. The geometry was different. I saw lots of buildings and all kinds of… Read more →

Testimonial (I.N.)

  It was on the night of 28 December 2021, while we were in an exercise of meditation, our teacher who was leading us came and Touched me. I saw a White light, which later faded and then came this huge purple flower in bloom. The next day we continued with meditation, at this day I started hearing the sounds… Read more →

Testimonial (I.K.)

  Personal Development After Enlightenment Regardless of this Enlightenment State which is One, I sometimes feel to share with you some of my experience and Realisations as I feel anyone meditating on the Spiritual light and sound can understand this deeply or get a signpost to his or her daily life style experience My life has never been the same… Read more →

Testimonial (A.O.)

  My Journey to Enlightenment. There were a series of remarkable meditations over several days – a state of emptiness, of absorption, of very intense sound, then sound and love coalescing; it is as if the sound is everything, everywhere; deep space filled with sound and light as if connected to the source of creation and infinite space beyond the… Read more →

Testimonial (C.V.)

  Hello little brother or sister in the light, may these first words carry a message of Peace and Love for your soul and your heart. I have been invited to share with you the most magical experience that has happened to me on this journey, the initiation into Light and Sound, but first let me tell you a little… Read more →