Energies and Frequencies

Energies are often described by their frequencies, both scientifically and Spiritually.

When receiving Mantras and Therapeutic Frequencies from the Spiritual Hierarchy, we need to develop a much bigger picture and a deeper understanding. We should not confuse these Gifts with mantras created by studying the effects of particular syllables on various chakras and energetic systems; similarly, the research into the healing properties of music and electromagnetic waves.

It is important that we show respect for the pioneers of these techniques and marvel at the ingenuity and effort they put into their investigations.

Because Spiritual Energy pertains to the Higher Dimensions, we cannot directly compare it with physical energy. However, the saying:

As Above, So Below

can be applied through simple analogy. As Meditators, we discover the Sound Current, which corresponds to the energy we detect by means of our ears. We are also aware of Spiritual Light, which is similar to the energy associated with our physical eyes.

We could say using a musical comparison that they represent lower and higher octaves of the same melodies.

When we receive Mantras from the Spiritual Hierarchy they are given as a set of syllables that are connected to a particular Energy. The Magic is released when we repeat the Mantra, just as a connection can be made to a friend when we dial their number!
In the same way these Mantras can be turned off or changed just like a phone.

Over the years we have received many numbers that were designed to be used in conjunction with the Double Coil Technology. They have been interpreted as frequencies, but the Energy associated with them is completely beyond all physical vibrations. If we use, say 432 Hz, the immediate thought might be its musical significance. But when used in conjunction with the DCT machines, we are invoking a much higher and potent Energy.

Additionally, a number such as 123456 could be interpreted as 123.456 kHz or used as 123.456 Hz. The important thing is our intention to establish a Therapeutic Field, resulting in us acting as an Energy Conduit. This is exactly the same process that is used by healers and various practices that use visualization and positive thinking.

We should never underestimate the Power of the Mind

and the potency of thoughts!