“When I sat down to meditate for the Initiation I really didn’t expect very much. People tend to exaggerate but usually because of enthusiasm rather than deception. So it was with an open mind that I turned up on my cushion that day.

In no way could I have been prepared for what transpired when I was given the Divine Spark; I felt as if I was being shot into space through galaxies of the most beautiful Light imaginable, in colours of white and gold. All I wanted to do was to die right there and then, realizing that even though I considered myself educated, I knew nothing.

Obviously I did return to meditate another day. A number of years later I attained Enlightenment and am now in a position to help others along the same Path.”


The Initiation we speak of has been performed throughout the ages and is mentioned in Spiritual books such as the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita.

The Biblical story of John the Baptist and Jesus strongly suggests that John revealed the Light and Sound Energies that were referred to as the Holy Dove. In the Bhagavad Gita there is a wonderful description of Lord Krishna revealing his Divine Form to Arjuna.

Light and Sound

The Seeker is put in touch with the Energies of the Spiritual Realms through an Initiation into the Light and Sound. Although we use the same words, these are not to be confused with their physical counterparts; they are not detected through the lower senses. In particular the Light can have an indescribable Quality and Brightness and seems to be alive. Meditators report feeling an immense Love and Joy when connecting with them.

Even after Experiencing the awe inspiring Wonders of these Energies it is impossible to recreate them in the mind. They are not the result of wishful thinking and an overactive imagination.

True Spiritual Knowledge is always imparted; it is never found in books!


The Initiation itself is traditionally performed by a light touch on the head by a Teacher who has attained the State of Enlightenment (alternatively, Energy Transference can be done remotely). This process creates a Connection between the Seeker to the Higher Spiritual Realms or Planes of Consciousness.

Our understanding is that the Source of the Energies is the Intelligence we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy. They guide our Teachers who act simply as conduits.

When a person is Initiated there is a whole spectrum of possibilities, that range from being subtle to absolutely mind blowing.


After the Initiation, there is an Inner Path that can be followed, which leads ultimately to Enlightenment. Although you can receive teachings to help you along the Way, the Light and Sound Energies are your Guides when you sit on your cushion. The Sound will guide your Expansion and the Light will Teach you what you need to learn.

They are perfect Teachers and, as such, will wait until the student is ready. You cannot control your Meditations and your mind can inadvertently block the Light and Sound. All that is required is to let go and trust. This sounds easy, but generally needs dedication, perseverance and practice.

All Meditators will declare that when they made progress it was generally when they least expected it. People often report that the Spiritual Energies somehow took hold of the them and propelled them along the Path.


We ask people to adopt a healthy lifestyle that encompasses their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. You know what works best for you and remains your responsibility.

Before we Initiate someone we want to make sure that they are serious about the connection with the Light and Sound and have understood what they are asking for. We will offer guidance in simple breath meditation and also give a Mantra to bring about balance, focus and relaxation.

Having Initiated you, we take our responsibilities very seriously so we recognise the importance of providing support as you Journey along your Path. Fortunately, those who practice this meditation are very willing to help and support others. Depending on the circumstances and your geographical location, this might be regular face to face meetings, telephone contact, social media or video communications platforms. There are no constraints and nothing is demanded of you. As stated before, we refuse all donations – everything we do is completely free!

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