Models of Spirituality


When we try to conceive of the Spiritual Realms we generally do this through the help of some model. This is usually something we have been taught or have read in a book.

Some people may chose to compartmentalize these Regions, others will visualize levels much like rock strata while others may attempt the idea that everything interpenetrates.

When it comes to Spiritual Beings, people will see Them in different ways, for example: in a human form, as ethereal shapes, as blobs of Light or as an Energetic presence.

So we may ask, which of the above are Correct? Which is the best model? What do Spiritual Beings really look like?

Answer: None of the above!

They are just our attempts to understand something that we cannot possibly understand. We are constantly reminded of this by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

You can’t possibly imagine what it is like to be here. You can’t possibly imagine how many Beings populate the Spiritual Realms.

So with that in mind, is it wrong to construct theses models? Absolutely not! We need something tangible to hang our realizations on and to give us a sense of our Path and our Earthly life in relation to it. It also allows us a means of conversing with other Initiates and people that we may be introducing to the Path.

There has been much talk recently of negativity and the various models that attempt to explain it. We know it exists and feel we need an explanation as to its origin, its nature and how to deal with it.

When we ask for information from the Hierarchy, They give it to us in our language, in a way we can personally understand and usually within the model or models we have already constructed. If we ask for information, They generally give us information. However, we are all individuals and as such we are limited and biased; it has been said that we need to be neutral when we channel. This is virtually impossible, we are who we are, with all our prejudice and polarizations. The answers we receive will reflect that.

Let us not make the mistake of religions who create God in the image of man. Let us learn from science that adopted the model of the Earth orbiting the Sun not because it was considered true (at that time) but because it made navigational calculations easier.

It therefore falls to us, as individuals, to adopt the models and explanations that we are most comfortable with. Not necessarily because they are true but because they simply feel right to us. There is no point in spending vast quantities of time arguing different perspectives and philosophies. We live in a World of turmoil and tragedy, we need to concentrate on our personal Paths and help others do the same. Time is of the essence!

The only Real Truth lies within Us.