Testimonial (l.K.)

Reflecting back on my life…..I started to have an inner calling at the age of 7, when, as I found myself looking at a mirror, a forceful question WHO AM I? would come and caused to me a natural fear.Then, I would immediately run away from the mirror!

As a child I felt that mystical fear, yet had no confidence to ask anyone the meaning of that experience. I sensed more than one version of me….. supplying a clue to other, previous lifetimes.

We had an old bible at home and I used to enjoy reading prophetic stories. So, I grew up finding myself more interested in mystical subjects than classroom subjects. At school I found myself reading more about different religions, in the school library and much less normal subjects.

At the age of 18 I tried yoga, already changing churches from Roman Catholic to Protestant to Assemblies of God to Jehovah’s Witness, even become a Muslim for a while. I wondered where God is and if there is one, why no direct connection?

So, I dared to be the one who would listen and surrender to the highest good of all. Deep down I knew there was an answer to all this mystery but somehow illusive to my mind. At the Age of 20 I was directed to a Yoga meditation class by a friend, which I found to be a center of Light and Sound meditation. Within a year I was initiated into the Light and Sound by (N) and (M) who were Initiating at that time to spread Spirituality.

Later on I left that Path for a number of reasons, mostly regarding honesty and integrity and went on with my life, but still meditating on the Light and Sound.

Ten years later, at the end of 2015, I felt I needed help to finish my quest to Enlightenment. I felt huge inner pressures which I could not resist. So I decided to go back to previous Path but before I finished the whole process I came across the Lightwave page on Facebook.

In April 2016 I was skeptical, but contacted (D) who explained very well about this new Mission of making Spirituality available to the masses.

Later, during the May Grace period in 2016 I attained my Second Initiation which proved to me the validity of this new Path. I realised I exist beyond all forms. That’s the whole of creation which is a miracle of Divinity, the combination of organised energies, which constitute both animate and inanimate things. I realized that death is simply an illusion that we are limited and mortal.

Now, more inspired with awe and wonder of this Super Conscious State, I focused on my Meditation with deepest desire to serve the rest of humanity to access the same Truth that I came across.

Four months later I was asked to sit for Enlightenment! Somehow I struggled with the idea of Meditating for Enlightenment due to my mindset and background. I received love and help as well as inspiration from (N), (D), (J) and (Y). I sat to Meditate for 14 days.Then a miracle happened after nine days of my Meditation! I found that all things dance to a mysterious beat and fire, which forms the whole of Creation seen and unseen.

The Light Beings or Spiritual Guides who accompanied me on my Journey were transcended one by one and later on I realised these are Beings working on the successive levels of Light and Sound. When the Light and Sound is slower than who and where your awareness is………that’s is how transcendence happens.

I realised, without doubt, that there is nothing beyond the Awareness of my Being. To see and to Be is essentially one thing and I am nowhere to be found. Rather, the Light and Sound is contained in the vast formless State of my Awareness. There is nowhere to go, there is no Journey, there is nothing more you can do than mimic the Secret of Nature itself. All is Love, I can only BE.

There is no proof needed on these planes or beyond for Being Yourself. There are no explanations; the mind does not get Enlightened; the simplicity of this State is completely illusive to the mind. Let these writings serve and inspire you on your Spiritual Journey. Don’t listen to politics, just focus within yourself and all the answers are there waiting to unfold through you.

With the Grace from the Spiritual Hierarchy you will arrive Home and find the secret of all Existence.

Special thanks to (N), (M), (D), (V), (J) and (Y) for being close and providing support and encouragement when needed most along the way.
With Love (IK)