Testimonial (M.G.)

My first experience of initiation on Light & Sound was very accurate. At the right and perfect time. I became from doing various processes for several years; and I had already reached the point of supposedly realize and understand many things, including integrating learned concepts, but I knew that something was missing and an existential void had been created despite a lot of theory, a lot of books, movies, workshops ……. and suddenly the magic happened and my being took me to where adept (C) was and it was the answer to that existential emptiness that I had.

It was an experience for me wonderful, falling precisely into absolute emptiness, feeling myself in the void, feeling myself floating, I felt my being floating, there was nothing. I wanted to open my eyes and I could not, I wanted to move and I could not, an inexplicable sensation, but that did not generate fear, quite the opposite, it generated incredible peace and love. When I left the trip I felt radiant, even my physical body felt radiant, every cell in my body felt happy, I felt each cell laugh, I saw colors brighter; I felt love for everything, for every person who was there with me, I felt love for the plants, for the animal, for the stone. I felt an infinite connection.

In the second stage of initiation I was fortunate to do the second and the third in one phase. Then I achieve to feel the great explosion of my being, when you realize that you are simply LOVE. That there is nothing else, that all this reality is an illusory reality, that everything is connected. That we are simply LOVE. A point of light full of LOVE. That there is nothing, that everything is empty.

That explosion changed my life, because now I can see things more clearly, I live reality with much more love, with safety, with fluency, because what is is and is done. Those are very wise words, but when you say them you don’t understand them. Everything is done simply by flowing and letting flow. Because everything is perfect, because nothing can harm me, because I am light, because I am LOVE, because I am joy, because I am everything in one. And I know that all this remembering will be integrated bit by bit, step by step, in my daily life with LOVE.

Thank you for such a wonderful call from Adept (C) who guided me at just the right time for my Self-Discovery.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.