The Power of Intention


The act of intention or positive thinking should never be underestimated. We should, for the same reason, avoid negative thinking. Thoughts are simply mental Energy which is mediated by a set of Laws. We are told that thoughts don’t just disappear after they have been witnessed; they remain in the Creation but in Higher Dimensions. If you find yourself having negative thoughts about a person or situation simply counter them with positive affirmations.

People who are inspired usually open themselves up to receive information or ideas about a particular subject. This would be true of all artists, musicians and research scientists. Before Meditating it is wise to also open up to the possibility of receiving Spiritual Energies and Realizations.

The practice of healing requires Intention as does Energy Transfer when helping someone Spiritually. The Source in both cases lies ‘behind and beyond’ the person conducting the Energy; they are simply conduits!

It is important that the intention is backed up by a strong belief or Knowing. This creates a much more powerful effect. By practicing this approach, even with mundane things, such as finding a parking space or locating a missing object, the level of confidence will naturally grow. Visualization is another useful tool to enhance the possibility of a positive outcome.

As with all things, practice is the key.

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