Old – The Spiritual Hierarchy

For us to understand who or what the Spiritual Hierarchy are, we need to first look into the past. History shows us that Spirituality came to this planet through great teachers, mystics, gurus and often ended up as religions. Unfortunately – the Truth was often lost due to egos, greed, desire for power etc. On this occasion we are told that it is imperative that TRUE SPIRITUALITY reaches the masses. So we must learn from the past and make sure that it is as accessible as possible and the teachings completely transparent.

This will not be a Journey for the chosen few but an “Enlightenment” for the masses. Many of you will not consider yourselves spiritual but if you have ever questioned your existence or feel within your heart a part of you is missing then this Path is for you. What is asked of you is simply that you learn the practice of meditation, adopt a healthy lifestyle and most importantly learn how to truly give.

For those who wish to receive they must have first the ability to give. We believe that the Spiritual Hierarchy sit behind all Masters and Religions that the world has ever known. They have been responsible for the building of the Pyramids, the rise of great Civilisations and the breakthroughs in modern science. Many will testify to their existence as prophets, seers, mystics, clairvoyants and people who have flashes of inspiration or creativity and if honest and without ego testify it was not them: “I was just compelled” or “thoughts kept knocking around in my head”.

At this time a few people who have attained high spiritual states have been contacted by the Spiritual Hierarchy as they have the necessary knowledge and insights to confer the higher states of consciousness. These people wish to work as the Spiritual Hierarchy do (behind the scenes) not to front an unwieldy organisation. They pledge they will devote the rest of their lives to this cause. They are in awe of what they have learnt and are humbled that they have been chosen to impart this knowledge and the Spiritual States of consciousness. For them no greater purpose could possibly exist.

It has been requested that we collect all the writings that have come from the Spiritual Hierarchy and display them in one place. Many have been extracted from articles, most of which you will find on the Inspiration page.

From where we sit, because of human frailties, it has become necessary to bring down huge amounts of Energy to address the imbalances of your planet. There are many of you already helping in this task. What we are asking is for people to look to their hearts and bring about massive changes by addressing three major issues:

ACCEPTANCE            LOVE             FORGIVENESS

With these three issues uppermost in peoples minds your world will be helped immeasurably.

“Have you REALLY wondered how it is that a body can actually move; an animal weighing a ton, how does that massive weight take itself around? The wonders of the World are too huge to contemplate but I’d like you to try – to realize quite how much Humankind is conditioned to just accept things as they find them and not wonder, just wonder How And Why.

It is necessary to do this and to then move on to the next big question, “Why does God effectively put people on Earth in ignorance, to then expect them to realize their true Nature to get back to God?”

Most people are simply not aware of this and go through life completely in Spiritual darkness to end their days as they started them, in Ignorance of their Spiritual Nature. The answer to this question, as always, is to tell people that the only way to really find out (the answer) is to Meditate and find the True Path of Inner Light and Sound.

Since the beginning of time it has been this way. I am talking about way before any knowledge of previous civilizations.

The Universe, with all its Galaxies and Stars holds many mysteries which are gradually unfolding and being discovered. But there is still a way to go while in a physical form. However, if a person is made Spiritually aware through Meditation then he may “move “ around the Creation and discover for himself these mysteries.”

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Click here for more transmissions from the Spiritual Hierarchy