“As I drove over the top of a hill my whole consciousness and sense of self exploded and became everything I could see. I clearly remember looking at the trees, the road, the other cars, the fields and the sky…each in turn was pulsating with a kind of light that made everything brand new. In that sense there was no difference between any of the objects I gazed at.

I began to laugh to myself because I realized that although I was in a car speeding down the road, I was going nowhere. I was moving but paradoxically this energy that pervaded all that I was aware of, never moved. There was light emanating from all these objects and each one demonstrated, what could best be described as, a heavenly glow.

The experience/awakening lasted the rest of the afternoon and evening. This was the proof I needed to realize that there was far more to existence and human consciousness than we are generally led to believe.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I wasn’t on drugs, I have never been tempted!”

Types of Awakening

Most of the people who are guided to this website have already had some form of Awakening and are curious to learn more. Awakenings can vary from spontaneous visions and expansions, to a variety of meditative practices such as Kundalini.

The Spontaneous Awakenings, as the name suggests, occur out of nowhere without any logical reason. A person can be going about their daily life, when they may suddenly experience: high pitched Sounds, see beautiful Light or have an overwhelming sensation of Love and Joy. Most people that report these phenomena have never even meditated, or considered themselves spiritual.



We believe most people at one time or another are given an insight into what lies Beyond. For some it can be subtle, for others it can be totally beyond any rational explanation. However, it often means that the person keeps quiet about their Experience; they sense that family and friends will simply reduce their story to either wild imagination or an emotional imbalance.

As we mentioned on the Initiation page, the Energies we speak of cannot be imagined, no matter how hard we try. In fact, most people say that the Experience, at the time, seemed more real than their normal daily reality. It is as if all their senses had somehow been ramped up!


After having such Awakenings a person has a number of choices:

They can simply keep it to themselves.
They can tell others and maybe write about them.
They can try and return to the Spiritual Realms and put the pieces of the jigsaw together.

This website represents a group of Teachers who have devoted their lives to helping people, of all backgrounds, beliefs and denominations, find the Truth. For those of you who have already had clues, then it is much easier for you to understand and accept what we are offering.

We want to offer you a Meditation practice that will permanently connect you to the Energies. This will give you the opportunity to revisit your experiences and in most cases go way beyond them and Journey to Enlightenment.


Awakening and the Spiritual Path

We are told that there was a time, thousands of years ago, when Man had to find Spirituality by himself. This was usually achieved by withdrawing from society and finding a cave or desert and then to spend decades meditating.

Later it was considered necessary for more people to attain Spiritual States, which is why the Path of Light and Sound was created by the intelligence we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The system involved Masters who had direct contact with the Hierarchy. They would attract disciples and a few, if they proved worthy, might be Initiated. In the early days it was rare that any, apart from the Master, would attain Enlightenment.

A wonderful example of this is Guru Nanak (1469 – 1539) who is the Father of Sikhism which gave rise to Meditation groups such as Sat Mat.

Fast forward to the 20th century and we find many Masters and Meditation Paths that claimed to lead to Enlightenment. Sadly, many became corrupted by money, ego and the desire for power.

This led to groups like ours being given the opportunity to pass on the Light and Sound without a Master or leader. We have also been able to function perfectly well without the need to charge money or acquire buildings. In a sense we have been an experiment and according to the Spiritual Hierarchy a very successful one!

However, a massive change has taken place as a result of us achieving our target of 75,000 Initiates last year (2020). Large numbers of people around the World are now Waking Up and having amazing Spiritual Realizations. Some are also aware of the Light and Sound Energies.

Most of them are simply accepting what has happened to them but others are curious and start looking on the internet for answers. Sometimes they will simply want reassurance but many want to experience more, and possibly attain Enlightenment.

In the last year or so, the majority of enquiries we get through the websites are from people who have had some form of Awakening. What we have noticed is that when we Initiate them they may not perceive the classic Landmarks that our original members did.

It has been explained to us that they are joining the Path along the Way and not at the beginning. So they will naturally make Realizations without necessarily being aware of, for example, the 1000 petalled lotus. This does not detract in any way from the depth and magnitude of their Realizations – what is important is the Meditator’s State of Consciousness.

In the future it is possible that the majority of people having Spiritual Awakenings will be able to complete their Paths without the need for Initiation. However, we are at a transitional stage where we are most definitely needed to ensure the success of the Ascension process.

People who are Awakened or have an Awakening are mostly not interested in taking things further. You will only get a tiny percentage of people contacting you.

As things progress however, in the Ascension progress, people will start sharing their Experiences more and not be so afraid of sounding weird.



We have made two Youtube videos to help you decide whether your Experiences are Spiritual or merely physical sensations that are driven by the senses. For most of you we realise that you are in no doubt and require no further debate.

 The first video looks at people seeing Light. Is is the Light of the mind or the Light of the Spiritual Realms?

The second video deals with people hearing high pitched sounds. The confusion that arises is due to the medical condition known as Tinnitus. Consequently, many people, when they first Hear the Sound, think it is a physical phenomenon.

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