Monthly Archives: March 2023

Definition of Enlightenment

  Enlightenment is a State of Being. On Attaining Enlightenment the Seeker transcends all the Levels of Consciousness and merges with the Oneness that pervades the whole Creation. In the Oneness there is: No Light. No Sound. No time. No left, right, up, down, forwards or backwards. No forms, shapes or colours. No limits. Most importantly there is no you!… Read more →

Self Healing

  This is from Samuel* for those who wish to heal themselves. A simple, concise way for anyone to practice, at any age, and doesn’t require any particular skill. Just as you can practice, on a daily basis, to bring Light and Love into your life you can also bring healing. So little is understood about the human body; there… Read more →


  Living in the technological World was never going to be easy – although there have been amazing advances in healing and communication, the downside is plain to see. It is quite shocking to find data telling you how much people are using their mobile phones and computers each day! The microwave energy used in these devices are causing health… Read more →