Towards the end of 2014 we received information from the Spiritual Hierarchy about the Esoteric connections that exist between our Planet and other objects in the universe.

It was presented symbolically, as if we sit at the base of a perfect diamond and are connected with each of its many facets.

We were told that Energetic imbalances on our Planet had far reaching consequences. That is why it was so important to raise the Consciousness of large numbers of people at this time.


Global Meditation

We would like to invite you to Meditate with us at 20:00 GMT each Saturday and send Love and Light to the World. All human beings are capable of Channelling Spiritual Energies and together we can make a significant difference. Please understand, you don’t have to be a member of our group; just someone who cares enough and is willing to embrace the big picture.

As part of the general move towards caring for others we would like a regular Meditation to take place every week. For you all to come together for 10 minutes at the same time. This would be a powerful statement from you to affirm positivity to the Planet as a whole. In doing so you will feel a great connection to each other.

To find out when this is in your part of the World simply Google:  20:00 GMT in (say) Calgary. Be aware of changes if you have summertime.

The Ascension

This phrase is being used more frequently, these days, to describe some form of Spiritual transition. Many people are hoping for some Divine intervention to solve the problems of our fragile Planet. We don’t see this as apocalyptic, but as a gradual process that is happening right now. Large numbers of people are having Spontaneous Awakenings and are changing the way they live and view the Earth. Others feel compelled to seek the Light and Sound through Meditation.

People all around the world are realizing we are at a crucial time in our evolution and if we are going to survive we need to act now!