Testimonial (D.H.)

The light and sound meditation is an ancient method of meditation which reveals a spiritual path from revelation of the thousand petaled lotus to enlightenment. Seeing the thousand petalled lotus on my first initiation when I was just 20 years old way back in February 1987 was an amazing spiritual experience which showed me how pure the spiritual realms inside are. Progressing through the initiations over the years proved to be an amazing journey of spiritual unfoldment as the energies of the light and sound became ever more subtle and pure until I received the energy for Enlightenment in June 2006.

The light and sound meditation revealed the highest expression and purity of LOVE to me on Enlightenment. A love that binds the creation and saturates its essence, and is something far beyond that which can be experienced in day to day living and what the mind could comprehend.

Upon enlightenment, despite the enormity of the state of awareness, one realises that this is just another beginning and is a new opportunity for growth and to serve others whilst we have a physical body and a life to live in the world.

At present the hierarchy are working with those that have had the 3rd initiation or enlightenment to bring greater clarity of awareness and develop us spiritually far beyond what we thought was possible and this knowledge we want to share with those that wish to learn about these spiritual ‘gems’. So the journey never stops until the day we die and then a new one begins.

I have to give full credit for my spiritual progress up to Enlightenment on having a Spiritual Teacher working through The Hierarchy that could give these states of consciousness, and to people that cared enough to support me when life threw up its greatest challenges. To say I completed the journey myself without continued spiritual grace and support over many years would be undermining the enormity of what I have received through others.

In 2015 we have the Spiritual Hierarchy giving the grace for these initiations and Enlightenment directly. All that is needed is a genuine desire to meditate on the light and sound and to give something positive back to the world in your own way without seeking recognition or reward. Enlightenment has never been easier or more accessible for the sincere seeker of truth.