Nick Howell

The Power of Intention

  The act of intention or positive thinking should never be underestimated. We should, for the same reason, avoid negative thinking. Thoughts are simply mental Energy which is mediated by a set of Laws. We are told that thoughts don’t just disappear after they have been witnessed; they remain in the Creation but in Higher Dimensions. If you find yourself… Read more →

An Analogy for God

  Let me speak a little about God. God sits behind the Universe and yet at the same time is the Universe. I shall try to use an analogy to help you understand this better.. Imagine that God is an infinite Ocean of Water. Water in every direction, no beginning, no end. Within the water there may be temperature variations… Read more →

Energies and Frequencies

  Energies are often described by their frequencies, both scientifically and Spiritually. When receiving Mantras and Therapeutic Frequencies from the Spiritual Hierarchy, we need to develop a much bigger picture and a deeper understanding. We should not confuse these Gifts with mantras created by studying the effects of particular syllables on various chakras and energetic systems; similarly, the research into… Read more →

Essences and Reincarnation

  Over the last ten years we have received information from the Spiritual Hierarchy about the Realms we will inhabit after our physical death. Additionally, we have been given Knowledge from friends and relatives who have crossed over into the Heavenly Worlds. Seemingly, each of us Emanates from an Essence that resides in the Spiritual Dimensions. We might use the… Read more →

Testimonial (T.C.)

  During my meditation, I reached a state of calm disconnection and found myself surrounded by a dimly lit darkness with a pink fog. A white orb extended through the mist in front of me, illuminating the darkness. Two black orbs approached, glowing white with iridescent reflections of the entire spectrum, resembling flickering fireworks. They came from the left and… Read more →

Testimonial (P.S.)

  Although I was advised that the meditative experience may not result in “bells and whistles” I still felt somewhat discouraged when, after 5 weeks of continuous practice using a Personal Mantra, to me, nothing had happened. I wrote to my Spiritual Teacher about it and he asked me to relate anything that I considered unusual that occurred during my… Read more →

Predicting the Future

  People have always wanted to know what the future might bring, hence the interest in Clairvoyance, Astrology, Tarot, Runes and the I Ching etc. The true understanding of predictions hinges on one question: Do we, as human beings, have Free Will?   If the answer is no, then everything in our lives must be predetermined and therefore predictable. This… Read more →

Testimonial (J.E.)

  The previous night’s sleep wasn’t good. Things in family and so forth playing on my mind. Even trying meditation that night I couldn’t settle. So I revisited some yoga poses and read some more uplifting books until sleep began to take hold – absorbing their words and loving intentions towards us and all those choosing this path. It helped… Read more →

Testimonial (M.B.)

  My Journey to Enlightenment and other Meditation Experiences   My journey into meditation began over 40 years ago, and it has been the foundation of my spiritual health and wellness ever since. I have found various paths over the years and enjoyed learning about how others have used meditation to expand consciousness and discover the truth of who we… Read more →

Definition of Enlightenment

  Enlightenment is a State of Being. On Attaining Enlightenment the Seeker transcends all the Levels of Consciousness and merges with the Oneness that pervades the whole Creation. In the Oneness there is: No Light. No Sound. No time. No left, right, up, down, forwards or backwards. No forms, shapes or colours. No limits. Most importantly there is no you!… Read more →