Testimonial (O&C)

We are (O) and (C), we have been initiated into Light and Sound meditation and we want to share an experience we’ve had today.

After two days of meditation and after a walk through the woods we decided to sit back in meditation, and right after the meditation we’ve have felt an enormous Love in our hearts and we melted together into a hug, from that moment our vibration has risen to a pure vision of Beauty and Harmony, our hands were attracted like magnets and on our way back to the retreat center we felt the need to embrace each other every 20 steps with the full moon lighting our way. Everywhere our sight could reach life seemed to be more alive: plants, ants and trees… everything was much more beautiful and vibrant.

We entered the room in our retreat center and we decided to lay for ten minutes before dinner, we caught hands and an energy was created, this energy began raising and moving through our bodies to the point we stopped feeling our own hands and a fusion of both matter and energy happened, We then decided to join the other hands to create an energetic power circuit, the energy started moving squirming and repositioning our bodies giving way to cold, heat and electrical shock sensations, even our arms became pure vibration themselves. We also experienced how all this energetic power vortex was transformed into a solid wall and it then began to move smoothly spinning like a propeller, the energy created went up through our arms, reaching (O)’s head and (C)’s heart. We lasted over 2 hours melted together, merging into one, hardly able to move our arms and our hands as they became only one unit.

We are very grateful and happy as we feel we have finally experienced the power of Universal Love. Now we know how to change the world, thank you.