Testimonial (Y.F.)

As long as I could remember, I used to search for a deeper meaning on everything around me, I used to seek a deeper truth, I used to long for a greater love, I used to dream of changing the world into a better place, I even became bored of life many times when the belief of right and wrong, good and bad could not match with the feeling that it was all the same somehow.

My soul could remember a blissful memory of perfection that my heart, mind and body had never experienced in my whole life.
Only when I observed within myself through meditation I saw love, forgiveness, acceptance… Only when I stopped searching I remembered, and when I less expected it, when I just allowed myself to be… I experienced a blissful calmness words will never describe, in that state of stillness I am everything and nothing at the same time… I felt embraced by the sound of silence…

I am just a channel, I am grateful for the infinite love…

Last December 28th the message was clear, it came through a dream and it became craven on my soul. They said:

“We realized sometimes you forget to breathe consciously from instant to instant and this makes you forget who you are, and get carried by who you are not, we did “this” to you in order for you not to forget what you are here for… Breathe consciously…”

It was so simple and powerful at the same time… Among “Them”, I recognized the face of one person I know from this physical plane, so I immediately decided to tell him about the message I had just received, he then directed me to this Light and Sound meditation website. More messages have been coming since the channel was opened. It feels pointless to use words to describe this path to God realization, yet I hope it can inspire others.

May Divine Love be with you all.