We mentioned on the home page the number of Initiations that were envisaged in the next 3 years. This number of 75,000 was presented to us by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

We have been discussing how bringing Spirituality to you Planet by mass Initiations can raise the Consciousness generally, of the inhabitants. This then leads to more awareness of the Planet in general, more Love and Peace, less conflict.

There is a critical mass of people who need to become Initiated and Meditate regularly on the Light and Sound, to redress the balance, as things are at the moment. Working on the numbers right now, we need 3 more years of Grace. There will be those who fall away, so that has to be taken into account.

At the rate of present growth, if we all work hard and cooperate, there is no reason why we should not achieve this goal.

Ultimately Love will Triumph as it is the Nature of Creation Itself!