Testimonial (M.S.)

When I sat down to meditate during the Easter Grace period, my intent was to sit and, if so blessed, attain my second initiation. I received first initiation the middle of last December, and have been meditating faithfully on the Light and Sound ever since. Now, let me preface this by saying that I’m no stranger to meditation. I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation 45 years ago, and have used a number of systems since then, including one path exclusively for the past 20 years. Some of these approaches took me a long way spiritually, and I am forever grateful for their contributions to my growth and spiritual readiness. However, none of them had gotten me “there.”

Enlightenment had always been a life goal of mine, though what that meant always seemed nebulous. So, when I sat down a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what would happen. Things moved quickly, however, as I gave up any sense of expectation. I began each meditation with the statement to the Hierarchy, “Here I am. Do what you will,” and by Grace, I received my second initiation on April 9. Encouraged and fully supported by some of the Adepts (F), (D), (N), and (M), I redoubled my resolve to sit, to let myself be open, and to allow. It is important for me to say here that I didn’t “do” anything in this process. I simply showed up, if you will, and made myself fully available for the Hierarchy and Divine Grace. Three days later, on April 12, through a true miracle of this Grace, I attained my Enlightenment.

I have never experienced anything like the enlightenment event in all my years of meditating. I was transported to a place of such serene quiet and peace. I became no-thing and everything. All dichotomies resolved. I was at peace, a peace that passed all understanding. Here I must apologize, because whenever I attempt to describe this experience, words fail. Yet, it is simply unforgettable. It is not that I remember it, I AM it.

I am now at peace, even though I am active in the world. I no longer have the discursive thoughts of a rambling mind. My mind is totally quiet unless I wish to think about something. When I am done, thoughts disappear. My judgmental attitude toward others has left, replaced by a knowing sense of connection. A feeling of bliss underpins my ordinary activities, and I understand that the most important thing, indeed the only thing, is LOVE, demonstrated through kindness and service.

It is with deep gratitude, then, that I thank the Light and Sound, the Hierarchy, and the Adepts for giving me in just over four months what the previous 45 years had not given me, a gift of pure Grace, of Enlightenment.