Testimonial (N.H.)

When I sat down for my Initiation I had very few expectations. Although I had respect for the people who had taught and guided me I felt that, as a result of their enthusiasm, they were likely to be exaggerating.

How wrong I was! Nothing could have prepared me for what happened when I received the “touch”.

I was propelled through vast Planes of Light which revealed geometries that demonstrated an absolute beauty and perfection. My senses were overwhelmed and my mind knew instantly how insignificant it was.

Nothing in this world compares with the sheer magnificence of these Regions. It is impossible to find words that come even close to describing them. AlI I wanted to do was die. Even though I had a wonderful life here on Earth if I had been given the choice I would never have returned. It really was that amazing!

On returning I couldn’t speak for about half an hour and my whole body was shaking, not from fear but the shock of witnessing something beyond all possible imagination.

The Love I experienced that day changed my life forever; all I could do was cry!