Testimonial (P.P.G.)

I usually experience a lot of pain during my periods that I must take pain killers after every seven to eight hours for the first three days during my periods. And if I even delay few minutes to take them, my stomach aches so much, I vomit and become really sick, I can’t even walk. I usually take pain killers from the first day to the second day and sometimes up to the third day of my periods.

This time as I entered my periods, I started to feel pain as usual, but I did not have painkillers at home, so I was about to send for them. But then inside of me I was told to not send for pain killers and TRUST!. It did not make sense at first at all, it was hard to just believe and trust! Cause I know how complicated my periods are. But then I felt like maybe I should just let go and should just trust as I was told. and so I stopped sending for pain killers.

I was lying down on the bed feeling the pain, then I was told to open both my hands to face upwards. I did it! Then I started to say “I am a pure channel and I receive healing”. While my hands were still open and facing upwards, I started sending gratitude to the Spiritual Hierarchy and my higher self for healing. Then i took my hands and put them together and started rubbing them with each other.

Remember I told you about the way I usually feel on my arms and hands? Like there is fire burning that sometimes I even have to pour water on them to cool them off! So when I rub my hands together, it feels like fire itself on my hands. They become extremely hot.

So after rubbing my hands until i felt like there was enough fire, I took my hands and rest them on my belly. But I was told to put it in a way that would draw a sign. I would put my palm in a way that the belly button would be in the middle of both palms. My thumbs would join each other, and on the other side, my index and Saturn fingers of both hands would also join each other and make a sign of a shape like diamonds (in a way) on playing cards. I don’t know exactly how to describe the shape, but somehow similar to diamonds on playing cards.

So I continued to rest my hands on my stomach while drawing that sign for a while, like one minute or so, then rub my hands again and put on my stomach drawing the sign again, and again and again. I was doing it continuously. And as I was doing that, I continued to say “I am a pure channel and I receive healing”.

In less than five minutes, I was feeling a relief. And in less than ten minutes my stomach stopped aching completely. I never took pain killers, and I am now on my third day of periods. On the second day (yesterday), i started to feel a minor, minor stomach ache and immediately i performed the healing, and immediately the minor pain went away. This is crazy I would say as I don’t know how to best describe it. But to not take pain killers during my periods is a miracle!

After I spoke to you yesterday night then I told you about it, and you told me to write you an email, we were on the move. Packing and taking stuffs to the other house. When we were on our way home from the house, Q’s stomach started to ache so strongly, I don’t know why. She suspected maybe it was from the food she ate. I don’t know! When we reached home, she felt so much pain on her stomach. We looked for pain killers but couldn’t find one. Then I remembered I did not send for them the other day. And yesterday when we got back home it was already very late at night and all shops were closed. The stomach ache was very strong, she was in so much pain. I asked her if I should try to do on her the healing I was taught to do! She said yes as she was in so much pain. (In the back of my mind I was thinking, “but that healing is for periods stomach ache only. So if I do it on her, will it help?” I was asking myself. But then I thought “is there any other option I have? It’s better to try”.

Then I lifted my hands up, my palms facing upwards again and now saying “I am a pure channel and I receive power to heal my sister from the pain in her stomach”. I also told her to say she is a pure channel and she is receiving healing. Then I started sending gratitude to spiritual hierarchy and my higher self for healing. I took both my hands and started to rub them together. The fire was so much I felt it was burning my palms. Then i rested my hands on Q’s stomach and drawing the same sign on her stomach. (Her belly button in the middle, my thumbs together on one side, and on the other side my index and Saturn fingers joined together).

After like five minutes she said she was feeling much better, and in less than ten minutes she did not feel any pain completely. She continued doing her activities on her phone. I was so surprised and shocked.

Until I was talking to you I thought what I received was healing only for periods pain, but this case was not periods but it also worked. Instantly! It was really crazy!

I got a feeling that I should share this with others, maybe if they also do the same when they have stomach ache, or if they meet someone with stomach pain or suffering from periods pain, it may be of help to them too.

It’s not easy to describe this in writing but I tried my best to do it in a way that I could.