Enlightened Teachers

We are happy to announce that our number of Enlightened Teachers is approaching two hundred.

The Hierarchy have predicted that our Group should reach 75,000 in the next few years. In taking these people along the Spiritual Path in such a short time They have provided us with a large number of Teachers and Meditators that can pass on the Divine Spark to others.

Most of the present growth has been in South and Central America and has attracted people from different backgrounds and across all age groups. Some had little or no experience of meditation prior to their Initiation. They were however drawn, sometimes miraculously, to the Group and naturally merged with the Energies as if they had walked the Path before!

Many of the newly Enlightened people have a direct contact with the Hierarchy and are being guided to spread the new Lightwave in the areas in which they live. Others are preparing to travel so that the Energies will reach neighbouring Countries.

Cooperation on such a large scale cannot fail to produce Miracles!