The Reason for your Existence

We have written on the Home Page, “Make Enlightenment your Goal: it’s the Reason for your Existence.”

We feel this statement deserves some clarification. The attainment of Enlightenment is clearly a rare occurrence and would therefore suggest that the vast majority of people fail to fulfill the reason for their incarnation. Most people show no interest in pursuing such a path and yet may have full, meaningful lives in which they will demonstrate spiritual values.

The true understanding of the statement involves the Essence from which individual Souls are manifested. It is the Essence that is created from the Oneness (God) that seeks Liberation. It desires to dissolve back into the Unity from whence it came. It is the drop of rain that seeks the Infinite Ocean.

In order to accomplish this, the Essence sends forth Souls which manifest in the lower dimension as individual people, such as you and me. We come to learn life’s lessons. This process is unending – we are told it continues even after physical death!

During particular lifetimes a Soul may be drawn to follow a spiritual path. Not all such paths necessarily lead to Enlightenment. So the seeker should be extremely discriminating and check that their chosen path will reveal the Absolute Oneness as a reality, not just a belief or doctrine.

We state that this Path does lead to True Spiritual Enlightenment and substantiate this claim by issuing the testimonials of large numbers of Meditators who have attained this Ultimate State. You can correspond with these people and also meet them in person. You are invited to ask any questions; we pledge to answer them honestly. If we don’t have an answer then we will declare so.

As we have a direct connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy we may seek an answer from Them and get back to you at a later date. We will generally do this by posting the answer in an article so that all our readers will benefit from the information.

We hope this helps clarify the above statement.