During the past five years we have observed thousands of people around the World become Initiated into the Light and Sound.

Traditionally, the Journey to Enlightenment was extremely difficult and required the Seeker to adopt an austere lifestyle; most would fail to reach their Goal. These days the Path has been made available to the masses and the large majority of Initiates have found the Journey straightforward, providing of course that they establish a regular Meditation practice.

However, a few have struggled to make progress and have wondered why! There are some obvious answers to this question and some that are not!

As stated above, a person needs to learn how to Meditate; that is not the same as sitting on a cushion. It requires devotion, practice, perseverance and the ability to simply let go. People who are too ambitious for Spiritual States or want to remain in control will also struggle.

The reasons that are less obvious may involve past lives: If a person has previously been Initiated they will find it much easier to Meditate in this lifetime. People who have been in other groups might find it difficult to accept the Teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy and alignment with the New Lightwave. It could also depend on Karma, which we are told is virtually impossible for us to comprehend fully. However, there is another factor, perhaps the most important, that is easy to overlook.

This is the Lords of Light.
The question you have asked begins and ends with GRACE: to be “smiled” down on by a Presence or Force greater than yourselves.

There is no deserving of Spiritual States, at least in the way the word is understood by humankind.

It isn’t about Desire either, in fact that can get in the way.
So we are left with:

No Desire
No Action
No Striving
Just Being – ready for whatever comes!

Do remember that if you are struggling, you are not alone. Ask for help from the Spiritual Hierarchy and also your mentors, who are always ready to give you advice.