Testimonial (C.V.)

Hello little brother or sister in the light, may these first words carry a message of Peace and Love for your soul and your heart. I have been invited to share with you the most magical experience that has happened to me on this journey, the initiation into Light and Sound, but first let me tell you a little about myself.

I always considered myself a normal person, one more sheep of the flock, although spirituality gave my senses cosmic sparks of information and signals that tried to guide and redirect my life, I never took them seriously and ignored them, believing that happiness and joy could be achieved with material things, always focusing on the outside. Our brothers from the stars gave me photographs, dreams and visions that filled my soul for very short periods of time, but that later I forgot, giving free rein to my passage through this plane and the ego that inhabits me. Do not think that I am sorry for those experiences, now I understand that they were necessary for the evolution of my soul and to be aware of the different stages that as a human being, we must face or experience to achieve the greatness of being and that after all it is our Spirit who has always written the script for this play we call life.

In October 2019, after having lived for several years in Panama, I started to feel the call of my soul and the need to reconnect with it, suddenly an infinite desire for meditation invaded my body as well as the interest for reading powerful texts that made my self-esteem grow and that generated deep questions that wanted to find an answer: Who or what am I? Why and what am I here for? These were just some of them and they generated in me an anxiety for the awakening of my conscience. Some time later I understood why my soul demanded this change, another challenge would appear in my life, my life partner was detected breast cancer, it is incredible how in just a few seconds you can learn to value what really matters and how this superior force would call us to feel again one of the purest expressions of Love that exist, to be in family; so we decided to return to Colombia, my country of origin.

Once in Colombia and learning day by day about this alteration of the energy of the body that we call cancer, you completely feel the need to ask your Higher Self and God for help and light to face it, to be a channel to transmit faith and love to those who need it – in my case my wife. This is how extraordinary beings, masters and teachers started to appear in my life, all of them with special gifts such as communication with Angels and Archangels who guided my path and created in me a spiritual discipline, guided meditation exercises in the morning and at night, taught me to chant mantras that made each one of my cells resonate and feel prepared for the initiation on Light and Sound, as well as the emergence of a new word in my spiritual lexicon which defined what I felt: Maitri – unconditional and disinterested Love for everything that surrounds us, to give without expect anything back and live for it. Little by little the manifestations of the brothers of the stars returned and my being knew that I was ready to take the next step, the initiation, so the light guided me towards the being that would give the date and time for the feast of my soul.

On the day of my initiation, sitting in front of the computer with these magical people who overflowed Love through each of their pores, I felt an inexplicable Peace, as if my soul knew what was going to happen and my body wanted to feel it. Thanks to the discipline of meditating regularly, I could easily reach the Alpha state and thus wait for my chosen teacher to lay her hands on me through the screen. When she did it, I felt strong heat, it was her energy that reached my head and face, I allowed that feeling to continue and suddenly four beings of light appeared, it was the first time that I could see with the eyes of my soul, I accepted it and I began to hear a voice inside me that said: “it is so wonderful that you have remembered who you are, we will accompany you from now on in your process and we will guide you. You will cry a lot but do not fear, it will not be a feeling of sadness, it will be the way in which your body releases excess of energy so that you do not feel discomfort”. Then I felt my attention being guided towards another light, which was getting bigger and bigger, I felt again that they told me: “we are very grateful that you have accepted your process and that you will finally remember your true essence”. Now I knew that this vibration was emitted by the light to which they guided me.

“All your questions will be answered in due time, in fact it is only a matter of remembering; you will answer them yourself, but we want to tell you that you yourself chose this experience so enjoy it and live it with joy from your new perspective”. After the same process was done with the other participants, it was my turn to be initiated into Sound. When my teacher placed her hands on me, I felt the heat in me again, I heard a sound like static, then I could perfectly hear the beating of my heart and then the sound that is produced when putting my ear on the shell of a snail. I felt that they told me: “You feel it, they have always been connected, your body, your soul and your spirit are one for now, remember it”. After that, I entered an indescribable state of serenity and by seeing some flashes of light that brightened my experience even more, I returned to my vehicle body and I successfully completed the initiation.

After this, when I went out to the street again, I could feel the Love of our Father-Mother God over all things and the fine connection that exists between everything that makes up our visible and invisible universe: we are one, little brother or sister. For a couple of days, I could not eat any animal protein and the usual meditations were much deeper, always with the component of the cosmic sparkles in my third eye. Now when I connect in meditation, what I feel like my Higher Self teaches me everything that I need to know. I’m not in a hurry anymore, I know his name, I can say it in my mind, but I can’t pronounce it aloud, much less write it.

Now tranquillity lies in my heart and I thank every new day for allowing my soul to continue experimenting and learning from this beautiful school in the third dimension. I could finally answer the questions: Who or what am I? I am simply Love. Why and what am I here for? Simply to Love.