How much does Spirituality Cost?


Money can be thought of as an energy. It makes things happen and allows people to acquire material possessions. It can also buy experiences and knowledge.

The monetary value of something is generally based on what people are prepared to pay. Nothing has an absolute value it depends on the market price which is always subject to fluctuations.

When it comes to Spirituality we enter a “minefield”. There are countless amounts of information, methods and techniques that are being sold either through books, videos or talks. The range of prices is comparable to that of cars: from zero to an absolute fortune.

With cars it is generally quite easy to see why a vehicle carries its particular price tag. However, with Spirituality it is impossible to measure how much things are worth.

When it comes to material goods the more you pay the better you would expect the product to be. We know this isn’t always true but it works most of the time. As long as you use a bit of commonsense you will generally get what you pay for!

With information and techniques it is often an inverse correlation: the more you pay the less you get! This is usually achieved by means of extravagant packaging. For example a talk could be conducted in an exclusive hotel for an enormous entry fee or the same words spoken on a hillside for free!

As a group we had to decide how to handle the subject of money. If we charged a lot we would attract small numbers of rich people. We could have just charged so as to cover our costs but there was another possibility which was based on the fact that what we were offering was priceless.

We also realized it wasn’t ours to sell. The Energy that is transmitted during the Initiations comes from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Only people who had been Initiated and put in touch with the Divine Light and Sound really knew the value of what was on offer. They were naturally the ones who would want to give to help their fellow man. We therefore set up a system which uses the “Pay it Forward” principle. Those who had received were the ones who would help and give to the new people.

This ensures that nobody in the group profits in a monetary way. We don’t have buildings to maintain and if people need to travel then they receive anonymous sponsorship. We don’t have funds or a bank account and we even refuse donations.

If we look at two of the greatest Spiritual teachers the World has ever seen, namely the Buddha and Jesus, they used exactly the same system!