Simplicity is the Key


Most Religions and philosophies suggest that the Nature of God is Oneness. Most people in the World believe that this is probably the case.

On this Path we never encourage belief because the object of the Path is self discovery. It is not important what other people know; what really matters is what you know. Not as an intellectual exercise but as absolute Gnosis – a personal Revelation.

What you will discover is exactly the same as all Seekers who have attained Enlightenment….an Absolute Unity without Limits….an Energy that is best described as the Ultimate Love that pervades the whole Creation.

It really is that Simple. That is why we try not to present any complicated teachings or encourage complex rituals or practices. We merely reveal the Energies of Light and Sound so that the Seeker can be guided to the Source.

Many people wish to debate esoteric aspects of Spirituality; vast numbers of books have been written on the subject. However the very Nature of Spirituality lies beyond all words and all thoughts. You cannot think your way to God.

Therefore, try to maintain simplicity at all times. Look at your lifestyle and find ways of achieving harmony by reducing complexity. When Meditating accept rather than enquire, dissolve rather than analyse and Love rather than think.

It is only the Key of Simplicity that will open the door of Oneness.