Light and Sound Meditation

Light and sound energies are mentioned in countless numbers of books and spoken about by many meditation groups. However, there are many different types of these energies which fall into 3 main categories: physical, imagined and Spiritual.

We want to make it absolutely clear that the Energies we speak of have nothing to do with the lower levels which are simply products of our physical senses and our minds. The Spiritual Energies can only be accessed through the discipline of Meditation and the Higher Levels require a True Spiritual Initiation.

We do not want to spoil the experience of a person discovering the Light and Sound for the first time. Nor do we want to give too many preconceptions for people to begin to imagine these Energies. However, we do want to try and describe, as best we can, a little of what a person may expect should they receive the First Initiation. As is written on the Journey page, this has to be done by touch from an Enlightened person.

The Light and Sound that is revealed on Initiation are from Dimensions beyond the physical and are therefore, as stated before, not perceived with our minds and senses. It is sometimes written in literature that such energies are subtle. The one thing these Energies are not, are subtle, however, their perception depends on the individual Meditator. If their concentration is poor, then yes, they may appear to be subtle, but if they can meditate well, then the revelation is quite simply indescribable.

The best way to try and understand what is revealed is to consider the Energy as a living Intelligence that demonstrates unlimited Love and Compassion. It is totally Benevolent and can do you no harm. On the contrary, you will discover that it will Nurture you as it is your True Essence.

This Path leads you back to Yourself.

The Light when viewed without prejudice is as bright as, “If the light of a thousand Suns arose in the sky” (The Bhagavad Gita 11:12). The Sound is an orchestra of every conceivable musical instrument and vibration of Nature, woven into one magnificent symphony.

But let me again point out that what is stated above is only true for the devoted meditator, not one who is only after short lived thrills and experiences. Spiritual Meditation can only be done with the Heart – not the head.

You cannot think your way to God.

In fact it is the mind, which is so useful for Earthy life, that gets in the way of Spiritual progress. It is not a question of stopping the mind, you can’t, it is a question of transcendence. You need to find a way of concentrating on something beyond thoughts. This is where the Spiritual Energies play a crucial part; they provide a focus to transcend and if followed will take you back to your Source – your Essence. They allow you an opportunity to dissolve your Heart, learn to “die daily” (The Bible 1 Corinthians 15:31).

Finally, a True Seeker needs to prepare as much as possible for the Initiation and our job is to give them the best possible advice to help in that preparation. One dilemma that we meet constantly is, when do we Initiate?
On the one hand if we Initiate too soon the person will not be able to access the Energies well. Consequently they may be disappointed and leave, thereby terminating their own Spiritual progress and never realizing their True Potential.
On the other hand it would be wrong to keep people, who meditate well, waiting any longer than is absolutely necessary. They again may lose interest and drift away.

So it is always a “balancing act” for us; the main consideration is what will a person do after initiation? We need to see qualities such as perseverance, determination, discipline and above all..

An Unwavering Devotion for Truth.