Why Seek Initiation

In answer to the question, “Please could you talk to us about why a person should seek Initiation and follow a Spiritual Path, and how does it help a person on death?”

When someone gets Initiated, immediately it sets up a potential link with the Higher Planes. How much a person works with the Energies of Light and Sound, will develop that link, and it will get stronger and stronger.

As with anything else, you have to practice in order to become proficient and just by being initiated will not make you a star Meditator. You need to work on it every day, just like an athlete needs to practice to become a star athlete. You do need to follow the advice of your Mentor, as they know the pitfalls and so can guide you well.

Obviously, if a person follows the Journey through to Second Initiation and Enlightenment, it is better for them because they would always wonder what Enlightenment was like. It would be like getting into a car, having a destination and not arriving. But not everyone who gets Initiated will get Enlightenment for a variety of reasons. The main one being that there has to be an inner desire for the Truth of their Existence to be revealed to them. There will be challenges along the way and people will fall by the wayside.

At this point, let Us stress how amazing it is, and how rare, to find a Path such as this of Light and Sound.

It has been said, “When the pupil is ready, the Master will appear.” So all of you who are waiting to be Initiated, it means you have been drawn to these teachings and are ready to receive them.

It is true that when you follow a Spiritual Path you learn how to “Die Daily”. This simply means that you let go into the Light and Sound and let those energies take you where they will.

So on death, you are prepared to be “taken” and there is no struggle. You just let go as you have been practising. As the Realms above are so difficult to describe to you who are in a physical body, we cannot tell you more about an individual’s path through death, as the variations are endless. Suffice it to say that however much Meditation you have done and progress you have made, will reflect where you arrive on death.