Other Groups – Other Teachings


We are often asked questions about other groups and teachings. Often they have similarities to our own but together with obvious differences. It is intriguing to realize that Intelligence is being communicated to many open and sensitive people, all over the World, at this time.

The problem is that the discrepancies that can lead to heated debates. Because the information tends to be published by Teachers or Groups it is usually presented as the Truth and the only Truth.

We hope, in this article, to be able to present a “Big Picture” to explain the anomalies, and to embrace the different points of view.

Let us imagine people living in an extremely tall skyscraper, say in New York. Those living on the ground floor would be acutely aware of the hustle and bustle of the street. They would perceive constantly changing shapes and colours accompanied by a myriad of sounds. it would be possible to read signs and hear individual conversations.

A person living many floors up would have a completely different perspective. They would see much further and have a sense of the street network. The movement of cars and people would be less pronounced and the sounds would generally merge into a continuous background that was only punctuated occasionally by specific noises such as car horns.

If we now move to the highest floor, the observer would be able to see the city in relation to the Atlantic Ocean, the Hudson river and the distant hills. Looking down, there would be very little apparent changes and the sounds would also be subtle. However, planes and high flying birds together with clouds and their shadows would now catch our attention.

We are told that every Realm or Dimension of the Creation is populated by a myriad of Intelligent Beings. Each Being has its own dominion and remit. A small number communicate with people on this Planet and impart insights and Knowledge. The Meditation group that we represent is inspired by such a Collective; we refer to Them as the Spiritual Hierarchy. They have a particular Mission, to connect as many people as possible with the Spiritual Light and Sound and promote Spontaneous Awakenings. They have explained, on many occasions, that we are not the only group with this task.

What we need to also understand is that other Intelligences have Their own agendas. This might involve, for example, working with subtle Energies to help heal our Planet or communicating with physical beings in other Star systems or Galaxies. Each of the Intelligences has Their own perspective and conveys Their input accordingly. Because people will be receiving Messages from different Sources, this will inevitably lead to a degree of confusion. It is never a question of who is right and who is wrong; it is just a case of recognising that there will be different perspectives, as in the analogy of the skyscraper.

If we seek Wisdom then we should be open to all the Teachings that we come across. At the same time we should consider the information carefully and see if it can be intelligently incorporated into our current understanding. We should be aware that it is a human trait to embellish and even fabricate. This is often as a result of being over enthusiastic or having strong beliefs. Therefore, we should weigh everything that is presented to us very carefully, but remain flexible and be prepared to change our views, if necessary.

This is the Lords of Light:

There are many Beings in the Higher Realms, all with Their different remits, working on Their own or as a Collective.

As you would imagine, there are a multitude of tasks to consider when in Our position.

When looking at the Earth and all its diversity, you cannot give everyone the same teachings. Think of all the different religions in the World today, with each religion split into different beliefs too.

The idea of taking a human body is to somehow, while you are still alive, find your way back to the Source (God). How you do this depends very much on where you live, how you are brought up, your beliefs and so on. People will be attracted to different types of teaching.

Once someone has been Initiated into the Light and Sound they are then able to follow their own Truth back to the Source. They are able to experience Love, Peace and Stillness beyond anything they have ever dreamt of. But not everyone will want this; they will consider meditation perhaps as being boring or weird. A person who meditates can, and does, still have fun in the World. The difference is that they have an anchor when things get tough. They are also able to see life from a different perspective and become more wise.

Our job in the Higher Realms is to try to help people reach their highest potential whilst in human form. How we do that is to give out different teachings in the hope that people will achieve this.

The basic purpose of any life is to Love and to Learn. The “Richness” of a person’s life truly depends on understanding fully the reason for this.

It is also interesting to note that when a person starts to Meditate on the Light and Sound Energies they become aware of many shapes and colours. What is seen is often accompanied by movement and changes. The Sound will generally demonstrate a multitude of complex frequencies. However, as they progress along the Path the Meditations become simpler. The colours tend to become simply White or Golden White and the Sounds higher in frequency and more uniform.

Finally, on attaining Enlightenment the Meditator has to Transcend both the Light and Sound and dissolve totally into the Oneness!