Testimonial (I.K.)

Personal Development After Enlightenment

Regardless of this Enlightenment State which is One, I sometimes feel to share with you some of my experience and Realisations as I feel anyone meditating on the Spiritual light and sound can understand this deeply or get a signpost to his or her daily life style experience

My life has never been the same since my Enlightenment Realisation, and recently a lot of things have happened and I had to learn to let go and not to sell my dignity for a certain material or emotional gain also it was a reminder that I don’t need to worry anything about money or how I will get my daily bread. I just need to have purity of mind, heart and intention.

This was The message from Spiritual Hierarchy delivered to me around three years ago. At that time I could not get the core of the message: Purity of heart, mind,and Intention.
Now three years later it’s clear and aha moments.

I have also been feeling a background peace and joy arising from nowhere and also a feeling of not having to push or change anything into manifestation

I am a businessman also the Realisations comes not to depend on anything outside myself to get somewhere in life but rather to trust inner intuition on everything. It’s like a chapter is revealing itself that , people, things and circumstances are just effects passing by just like the water waves coming and going while I am just there watching in peace.

As a result I am finding myself not using much effort to get things done,but everything is done much more successfully and in a way my mind can not comprehend. I never felt lacking anything and things just happen by themselves without strains.

As you meditate Daily,you start having more deeper experiences.

It’s like my inner Observation is creating more space of awareness into which it’s contain people, things, conditions, circumstances into existence or manifestation.

Everything emanates from there and no more no less. They just happen effortlessly,and when I have to act it is not out of ambition or any struggle,

I can see deeper layers of unconscious habits of my mind and how Interfering this intelligent process is bringing what is termed as struggle and suffering to people.

Strangely even when I read most of scientific inquiry it seems to be revealing itself in a very simple way and I have never study science before, the knowledge of Galaxies etc.

Then there is non-action and things take place on their own and this can become very blissful and even the simplest action becomes enjoyable, washing up, cleaning, eating, the most ordinary things are a pleasure. Then it feels like life is acting through us and we seem to be flowing with effortless ease and we are just the flow of life. Everything becomes quiet.

It is like there is no restriction anymore. We are the flow of life. We become non-involved, detached, free and carefree, relaxed deeply.

Actionless Action is the way of life for meditators. It show or downloads what you witness within yourself to your outward experience.

Inside start to merge with outside. This merging allows us to experience the Enlightened state to its fullness and understand more deeply how the Spiritual Lightwave works.

We are here in physical bodies as points of light but always connected to who we are an Endless Spiritual void which is empty but full of Energy and beyond the Light and Sound.

I can say more and more but what else? There is no here and there, there is no location, there is no I and it’s also there as part of who Iam in the total wholeness of existence.

Life is amazing if we just Let it Be