Predicting the Future


People have always wanted to know what the future might bring, hence the interest in Clairvoyance, Astrology, Tarot, Runes and the I Ching etc.

The true understanding of predictions hinges on one question:

Do we, as human beings, have Free Will?

If the answer is no, then everything in our lives must be predetermined and therefore predictable. This also suggests that we have no real individual purpose – we are simply following a script and perfectly acting out our part.

If we have Free Will then we also would have a reason for living. We will, of course, be influenced by our environment and the people we meet. However, at any time we have the power to challenge and deviate from the direction our life seems to be heading.

Most people, particularly as they get older, become trapped in habit patterns and their existence tends to become predictable. However, change is only a thought away!

So, which of the two scenarios is correct? If it was the first, then the future would be set in stone and predictions would have a high success rate. However, observations suggest the opposite, due to there being too many uncertainties.

Consider the predictions that may have been made about the lives of people who suddenly died as a result of some natural disaster. None of them would have come true!

Therefore, predictions can only be considered as the most probable outcomes, from the information available at that time.

Many people believe absolutely in the predictions of Religious texts, as they come directly from God. Often they contain writings about apocalyptic scenarios. But surely everything comes from God, including all the works of fiction and false information!

Meditators on the Path of Light and Sound are guided by the Intelligence we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Hierarchy have explained at length that even They cannot accurately predict the future, because human beings have the Gift of Free Will. They have explained that Their role is like that of a scientist doing experiments. They give us some information or guidance, then sit back, and see what we do with it! Depending on the outcome They then modify the situation.

Many of Their experiments might be considered failures, however they all contribute perfectly to our learning curve.

Ultimately, we are witnessing an infinite set of lessons. The classroom today is packed with 8 billion unpredictable variables which are better known as the human race!