Speed of Progression

As there are many Spiritual Paths available to the serious Seeker, choosing one that will lead to True Enlightenment can be a difficult task.

This is not helped by the limitations of time and Geographic location.
We therefore have to be cautious, discriminating and courageous.
It is essential that we read, carefully, the literature of a Path and ask penetrating questions of Meditators who claim to have walked it. It is best to ask more than one person and check that their testimonies are consistent with each other and the teachings.

Many people have read our literature and assessed our claims. One point in particular seems to have raised doubt in their minds. It is the speed that some of our Meditators have progressed from the First Initiation to Enlightenment (a State of Absolute Oneness).

Intelligently, they compare this with traditional Paths that take decades and even many lifetimes and conclude what we speak of cannot be True Enlightenment. This is a reasonable conclusion. However, we live in a time of extreme conditions which requires extreme measures to redress balances to bring about harmony and well-being to this Planet.

Therefore the Spiritual Path that we speak of cannot be compared directly with those of the past. It is a Path for today (2016). It is necessary to bring Spirituality to the Planet in a way never seen before and to achieve this many Meditators need to move along the Path rapidly so that they can play a crucial role in its growth. By that we mean that they need to reach Enlightenment so they can help Initiate large numbers of people to achieve the changes required.

Another point that is often raised is that an individual pursuing a Spiritual Path needs to address their lower vehicles: their ego, emotions and minds. This is a process that again, traditionally, could take a lifetime. This also is a valid argument.

We have been told by the Hierarchy that They are well aware of this problem. Consequently, They are using the Spiritual Energy that our Initiates Meditate upon to bring about changes at the personal level.
So as the Meditator progresses Spiritually, they undergo appropriate transformations of the lower vehicles, to enable them to reflect the Higher States with Love, Humility and Compassion.

The Spiritual Hierarchy have the “big picture” and are using everything in Their Power to bring about the necessary changes. We are told that the rapid growth and advancement along the Path will begin to slow after our target of 75,000 Initiates is reached. As mentioned elsewhere we expect this to be achieved in the next 3 years!

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