Testimonial (A.O.)

My Journey to Enlightenment.

There were a series of remarkable meditations over several days – a state of emptiness, of absorption, of very intense sound, then sound and love coalescing; it is as if the sound is everything, everywhere; deep space filled with sound and light as if connected to the source of creation and infinite space beyond the light.
Then the sound current takes over completely, it is pure energy, expanding so fast through billowing clouds of white light , into infinite deep space , grace , deep sound, light flowing into me.
I am pure consciousness, pure awareness, that is all there is.
Deep profound infinite space and intense enveloping sound, I am rising up and I am free, I am in pure space , infinite, unbounded, the sound and light become one and I am this energy, love flows into me , I am space , and the space is filled with love, no sense of self or time or place , perfect stillness, freedom, limitlessness.
I am deconstructed, like an eggshell breaking, all the pieces moving as if no shape existed , I am nowhere and everywhere. Energies coalesce into love , exquisite, sublime, heaven. I am spirit, transcendent, opening and opening, climbing a mountain then realising there is no mountain, this is what I am and what I have always been – pure infinite awareness , everything everywhere.
That all happened 6 months ago. And this incredible state of infinite consciousness has continued to expand, deepen, unfold, a state of pure Being , flooded with love and aliveness and joy, a state of knowingness that has transformed my life.