A Testimonial of Enlightenment (I.K.)

One Year Ago in the Month of August I realised my Enlightenment through the Grace of Spiritual Hierarchy. I started having curiosity to find the Truth about my nature and creation at the age of 7. When I was 21 years old I had a Grace to be initiated in Spiritual Light and Sounds.

Greatest change in the consciousness of human being and planets in General has to happen to bring balance in Spirit and matter. This is the period where the universe is moving from darkness to light and this process started longtime ago and reveal itself to some Spiritual people who were humble and receptive in 2015.

At this crucial Time in february 2015 while not knowing about a new Lightwave Path, I was taken in Spirit through meditation with Hierarchy Being and witness what I will call A CITY OF GOLDEN LIGHTS. In this dimension I saw a countless numbers of Light Beings working in orders and certain arrangements which can not be explained by the mind to raise The consciousness of this planet as preparation for Ascension. The whole of scenery in this discovery was like these Beings working in a super universal computer which regulates consciousness of creation in and out of the matrix through a complex yet seems simple combination of Matrix Numbers and unimaginable Geometries.

To me it was like a sort of space travel in multiple Universes. I saw and realise The whole of Universes are interconnectedness in a way which is a mystery to the mind and we move from one frequency of realities to the other in a fraction of a second universe after universe.

This experience was confirmed on my Enlightenment (after I was connected to Lightwave) Realisation after knowing that they were many versions of Me in all these universes which exist simultaneously and parallel. I realised one billion years ago and one billions years to come all exist in one Eternal Timeless present Moment. And That Nothing is faster than that which is everywhere as Absolute speed is Absolute Stillness.

These kind of discoveries left me in awe and wonder,and I became speechless and silent for a very long time. I remembered when I had an intention in the heart to walk the Path of True light to discover the secret of Existence.

One Amazing Experience Through this Hierarchy of Beings in May 2016 was to discover the secret of Time, creation process and what a layman call DEATH. In one Meditation I travelled in Spiritual Sounds and Light to the realisation of emptiness. I discovered my Being was beyond all forms and that void and emptiness is a State where there is no hidden mysteries, yet nothing can be found in one eternal moment.

I realised I have never being born, and I will never die as I was a formlessness Being! I knew what comes and go as births and deaths are just illusion created by consciousness in different levels of manifestation simply a Divine Game. This was a biggest Transformation period on My Awareness. A question of Who I am was answered in a way which could not be described in any personal sense. Am still Reflecting and humbly learning from this higher Intelligences.

The Realisations of formlessness and void made me to grasp the Geometrical fantastic part of consciousness and how all of creation is formed as complete Display of Spiritual Light and Sound. These realisations came as part of awakening beyond Mind consciousness (or Beyond forms).

I was curious to understand about the Spiritual Hierarchy and its Intelligence which made all this possible through Grace. Up to this point I was not yet Enlightened but free from the mystery of DEATH. While contemplating about all these Revelations in awe and wonder…. one morning I witnessed my spiritual Guides who were assisting me on my inner journey in Light and Sound.

In this meditation came the highest pitched Spiritual Sounds, which carried me in different Planes of consciousness. Instantly at this moment I realised Sound energy is movement in awareness. The Spiritual Guides appeared to me in this journey as circles of sparkling lights which could internally communicate (not in a normal sense) and were also travelling with my awareness leading me to one frequency to another of reality. These Guides (Hierarchy of Light Beings) were three of Them, but in different Energy frequencies.

I focused and merge with the first Guide and transcend its Light/Sound frequency.Then I focused and merged with the Light frequency of the second Guide. I could feel the resonance, the Unity and unimaginable speed of Energies in this level. I was at one Truth with the Intelligences of these two guides. The third Guide’s frequencies were (in layman’s language) much higher and ahead of my awareness so to say, and the more I Meditated the more closer, faster, subtle and unexplainable the whole of the experience became.

I finished this meditation and I was not yet solving the mystery of the Third Spiritual Light Being Guide. When I sat Down to meditate for Enlightenment is when all the mysteries of what I went through these levels were solved. I sat to meditate for my Freedom. There are not enough words to explain, but let me try to take you into what I went through.

Nothing could have prepared me into receiving this Gift. It was the Greatest moment of my life. I sat down with the sense of urgency as if it was my first time to sit to meditate. My inner curiosity was strongly burning to realise My true nature. I deeply asked from the heart these Intelligences to show me who I am. I relaxed and let go of everything.At first it was a vision of a Seven headed Golden snake symbol which stayed with me for almost two days. This was an extremely different symbol to that of the two serpent symbol of kundalini.

This one depicts perfection in higher Spiritual Realms. When this symbol disappeared I realised Light and Sounds can not travel in a Vacuum (VOID) and it’s just a vibrational frequencies coming in and out of the Void. At this point I asked myself where is the Journey and what about the Third Light Being frequencies and resonance which was not yet transcended in previous experiences?

Upon letting go, the mysteries start to answer themselves. There were instantly Energies from Nowhere and Everywhere at the same time. It took me to Dimension after Dimension and I reached the Planes of this Light Being. I merged with its frequencies and the transcendence happened, there was an Explosion of Light Everywhere! There was no journey! The Light and Sounds were following my awareness Everywhere,. They came from this Absolute Stillness and there were no Mysteries anymore!

There was no sense of location and it’s one Awareness. Everywhere upon this level I felt a fool, not knowing anything but Just Being. Even the word Being still implies Movement. It is BE-NESS!. I am free. I am Nothing. There are no vibrational energies as Light and Sound, in this State, is absolute Rest and Stillness.

Three light Beings represented the three Initiations. This is how I witnessed the Spiritual Hierarchy at work and how I attained my lifetime Goal.

I am writing this to inspire you in your Spiritual journey to uncover the Truth of Existence. Let all of this work in Grace and unconditional Love. Let’s serve The Purpose. The TIME IS NOW. Take this opportunity and walk your journey to Enlightenment so that we can all assist the Ascension of this planet to the highest level possible. With the Grace of the Spiritual Hierarchy all of this is possible now in This lifetime. I wish you all the best in Your Spiritual Journey.