A Spectrum of Possibilities

When a person is Initiated there is a spectrum of possibilities regarding their merging with the Energies of Light and Sound.

It will depend on many factors which include: preparation, preconceived ideas, the ability to relax on the day and fear of letting go. It may be that Karma from past lives also plays a part!

Preparation is necessary as the Meditator will have to sit for long periods during the Initiation day, up to an hour at a time. It is important that they can sit comfortably and concentrate on the Energies without getting distracted by their body.

The Seeker needs to have an open mind. If they approach the Initiation with notions of how it’s going to be or with thoughts of previous “spiritual” experiences, these will only block the Truth. In order to progress along any path the traveller needs to first let go of where they are! Please understand absolutely no belief is required; that will also get in the way. The best approach is to have a “blank canvas” on which the Energies can paint Their pictures.

On the day of Initiation the Meditator will be taken through a series of relaxation techniques which may involve the breath and the use of a Mantra. This is to help relax the Seeker, as any tensions will only make their Meditations, on the Light and Sound, more difficult. A tension is a sign of holding on to something; Meditation is the art of letting go.

When we let go of what is familiar and step into the unknown it is not uncommon to experience fear. Every step along this Path is a step into the unknown and some people they may find this uncomfortable. The unknown offers no support or security; this is where Trust has to come in. When the Energies are revealed the Seeker needs to realise that They are just beautiful Manifestations of Unconditional Love. They cannot do you any harm; They are your Guides and Teachers that are there to accompany you to your Enlightenment.

Ocasionally, the person being Initiated might feel some slight discomfort as the Energies remove blockages in their physical body.

Finally, there are no perfect Meditators. Some people are obviously better than others but we all struggle to some degree. However, with practice we can improve; we can hold focus for longer; we can let go more easily.

Please also understand that irrespective of your experiences on the day, the Spiritual Connection will be made. You then need to adopt a regular Meditation practice to Journey along the Path to attain Enlightenment.

That is why the Truth is found through Perseverance.