Testimonial (I.N.)

It was on the night of 28 December 2021, while we were in an exercise of meditation, our teacher who was leading us came and Touched me. I saw a White light, which later faded and then came this huge purple flower in bloom.

The next day we continued with meditation, at this day I started hearing the sounds of things, later on I heard the sounds like the waves of a flowing river, and then very thin sounds of birds from afar, I really liked to continue listening and stay in that quite area.

The journey did not end there, at evening we continued with the exercise, during the exercise, in a calm state in front of me through the forehead again i saw very white light, i was attracted and desired to reach it, I started the journey towards that light, it was bright like a ray of sunshine, immediately I felt like fear wanted me to stop moving and look at that light, but before I made that decision to back, I heard a voice from inside, telling me, “Don’t be afraid that is the mind, that want you to go back.” When I turned around I saw a shadow, then I got a message that is a fear, then I continued to go forward where it is the light, I met with light, I become the light and light became me (we become one).

Some sessions again we continued with meditation, it was like I continued when I was finished, now as the light I travelled, then I heard a women voice saying hello, it did not pass long time, then again I heard a male voice, I didn’t see any one but only awareness of the existence of someone.

The he started to talk with me, he say, the female voice you heard is me, know that there is no women or men, I have come here to guide you, that light and voice you were looking for is me, at that time I could no longer hear the voice coming out of me but it come inside of me, that voice continued to talk with me, by saying now you want me to take to where God is..? I said Yes, then he drew like an S that appeared like the ocean, With the beginning to the end, after that he told me, before these ocean was nothing, but now it has happened, okay because you what to experience God now I will lead you, but you should know that me as light and sound, I will not get there, we will go together but it reach a time I will not be with you, but you will meet with nothing, emptiness because their is nothing at all and even you you will became nothing. That day has passed.

Next day during meditation I was like a shining light. I traveled very fast, in that pace I was singing by saying I have finished the journey, the more I traveled the more that voice and my shape continued to degrees, later on the voice disappeared, and the shape continued to decrease until it remained as a dot, where by that dot it also disappeared.

I could not know and recognize anything for a while, until after a while again I saw myself as a very small dot, that began to grow and eventually became like a very shiny figure of person. From there I started the journey again, at this time when I back I witnessed the creation of plants with soft leaves, I also so the presence of mountain, and beautiful sun rays, like when sun starting to rise in the morning, i surely witnessed the presence of nature that so lovely and very attractive, then I remembered that time I was drawn that ocean, presented the creation and me as a creator.

This happened during the initiation of the journey of light and sound, later we turned home, i was like a new person, where the state state of calmness, peace, love, happiness had been at highest level also the condition and thirst of meditation was greater, I began to know the adventures of life ahead of me, to get answers to my questions both spiritual and physical.

One day when I was at home during meditation, I travelled again until I reached that place where there was emptiness, nothing at all, even me again I became nothing, but at this journey was different from the first one, because in this phase I witnessed many things on the way, including a planet with full of minerals that was floating (know as Golden Planet), also I was many creatures known as aliens in their city.

Becoming empty, I started again the journey from the emptiness, now I saw the creation of naturally things like before, when I witnessed the way things occur, suddenly I saw I had became a very bright light, more than that of sun we see here on earth, In that case I was like the sun in the source, and from that light which i saw it shining and cover everywhere and every corner, I got a message that now I see and I understand everything, although I did not see anything beyond that light.

I discovered that I am the Creator, I am love, I am the alpha and omega, I am everything and everything is me.

I am so grateful for teachers, everyone and everything, the universe and the energy of light and sound as the life force, that is in everything and that connects everything to everything.
When I see everything I see myself, and there is no distance between me and anything because I am everything and everything is me.