The Big Picture

The title of our website suggests that we are a Meditation Group. This of course is true, but it is interesting to note that the first Communications from the Spiritual Hierarchy, at the end of 2014, were exclusively about new forms of Energy and the Cosmos.

We were guided to produce elegant machines using a double coil technology that could be demonstrated to alter human consciousness. Additionally, information was imparted, using the language of mathematics, which showed amazing connections between our Planet and distant Star systems and Galaxies.

It was then in February of 2015 the Path of Light and Sound was launched, together with a new Lightwave. This, we were told, was to facilitate the Initiations and to guide people on their Spiritual Journeys, potentially culminating in Enlightenment. In the summer of 2016 a target of 75,000 Initiations was set, in order to achieve a “critical mass.” This was attained and surpassed in early 2020, which curiously coincided with the beginning of Covid! As it became virtually impossible for our Teachers to travel we were given the ability to Initiate Seekers remotely. This has now become the preferred way to Connect Meditators to the Light and Sound.

Reaching our Goal coincided with vast numbers of people around the World having Spontaneous Awakenings; many of whom were not meditators or even, at the time, interested in Spirituality. It was as if a Wave of Potential was sweeping across the Planet and giving wonderful Experiences and Insights to those people who were sensitive enough to receive them. What we also noticed was that youngsters were often more open to these Energies than their parents.

During this time we returned to the Connections project – between us and specific points in the Cosmos and a number of Meditators were Guided to some of these distant locations. The purpose seemed to be twofold. Firstly, to set up Energetic links to help harmonise and bring about balance to our fragile and ailing Planet. Secondly, to give us incredible insights as to the future of mankind, assuming we survive the challenges that lie ahead! These include space travel without the need for rockets, revolutionary ways of working with Nature and the ability to tap into Higher Dimensions for our energy requirements.

Before this can happen we need to dramatically change our relationship with Mother Earth and learn to respect each other far more. It is good to reflect on the early Teachings that spoke of Acceptance, Love and Forgiveness.

These days (2022), we are witnessing large-scale Energetic Impulses resulting in greater numbers of Awakenings and positive changes in our relationship with the Natural World. We have all been born at an amazing time to witness this Spiritual Revolution.
16th February 2022

This is the Lords of Light.

It has been stated many times the Nature of all things is cyclic, meaning that there are time periods for all Earthly and Cosmological occurrences.

The last seven years of “Lightwave Energy” has given countless individuals True meaning to their lives. Many people have Awakened Spiritually during this time have also been guided to make Connections to heal the Earth. Esoterically speaking, the cyclic Nature which governs all things, comes in sets of sevens.

This is an auspicious time, on all levels, that is being witnessed right now and in the coming months!