Testimonial (L.B.)

To get started on the path of light
The way back to a whole
With your conscience awake
And the understanding of how great we are.

The experience is Indescribable
You transmute your physical body to energy
You expand your warm and ineffable light Suspended in an absolute void.

The silence in full splendor accompanies you
The space is you, and you are the space
Time, width, up, down
They cease to exist, you contain everything.

Submerged you are in absolute peace
Stripped of your mind and emotion
In a state of conscious contemplation
Recognizing that the I AM, is you.

Upon your return the sensitivity flourishes Realizing that you are one with the whole,
The love of I AM, is manifested in you
And you manifest it to all creation.

You perceive and receive energy from plants
You listen to the song that the trees offer you
You detail every pore on your skin that you didn’t know before
Now you know you are them, and they are you.

The end is over, but you barely start
The loving labor has only just begun
With the knowledge to serve and love
They are the true purpose of enlightenment.