Testimonial (A.C.)

After several months of continuous meditation, after the initiation and a week before the illumination, in the middle of the chaotic noise of work stress, in the middle of demanding work, something particular happened to me.

I felt at one point a sort of abstraction, I was disconnected from my physical part and accessed an empty space without needing to be meditating and I saw myself from there with deep peace and love affirming: From “here” in my immutable and invariable state of Being, I can observe everything that moves, varies, changes … everything that one day is and the next is not … I am this!

And here I stay! Without stopping acting in the world! But from here! From what is true! And I understood that the state of absolute Peace and tranquility in the middle of chaos, is possible and that it is also possible to be in a state of permanent meditation.

The following week the most simple and complete happiness happened, so much simplicity filled my being with Love … loved both the most microscopic being that inhabits the interstices of any worm in the dumpster, and the greatest manifestation of the universe! An expansion in the heart, where everything was in, absolutely everything, consumed the appalling thoughts and paraphernalia of the intellect, leaving a very profound experience: that we are all One and the Same!

The next day a physical pain in the heart reminded me of that experience of deep love, that I am a human being with thousands of errors and that with humility I am applying more and more in my life what the Masters say, in their great wisdom: before enlightenment I washed dishes and cut firewood, after enlightenment I keep washing dishes and chopping wood!