Testimonial (M.B.)


My Journey to Enlightenment and other Meditation Experiences

My journey into meditation began over 40 years ago, and it has been the foundation of my spiritual health and wellness ever since. I have found various paths over the years and enjoyed learning about how others have used meditation to expand consciousness and discover the truth of who we are.

I began meditating on the LightWave in January 2022 was immediately excited and motivated on hearing how others have discovered the truth and found freedom in the light and sound. I started meditating more often, twice a day, using a mantra that was given to me and subsequently, light & sound.

Timeline and some other Experiences of note:


17th January 2022

My very first experience was a raising of the kundalini . After about 30 mins meditation, I found myself having an outer body experience, and floating upwards through the top of my head as an energy body, my arms and hands outstretched, open palms with fingers wide apart and energy beamed out from the palms of my hands. It felt powerful and exciting. I could physically feel the heat like a fire with pulsating energy. The beams of light were like lazerbeams and I was fully conscious and aware of what was happening. My whole body was filled with this light and I could see my physical body lying down there on the bed. I floated for what seemed like a long time, bathing in this vibrant energy, and eventually came back down to my body lying on the bed. I felt totally alive and energised.

18th January 2022 – 5am

Woke up early, the full moon was amazing. I did some meditation on the mantra between 5/6am. After around 30 mins I suddenly saw a crystal clear image of 3 golden rings, intertwined, on the pavement. I didn’t know what it meant.

30th January 2022

Night-time meditation, After about 30 mins. Suddenly saw an image of me, younger, scruffy and smiling. My third eye 👁 visible as if my forehead had opened and this one single eye was wide open, big, clear, beautiful, blue and silver, sparkling, looking straight at me. A single eye glowing, shining and radiating light all around me. I had to open my eyes and write the words that were flowing into my consciousness:
“Floating free – travelling without moving
Seeing without looking, disembodied, disentangled, reconnected
Waves of love and sound – interwoven
Here I am, the eyes of truth, filled with love
Beautiful me, an expanded heart,
A single tear, still, in awe
Here and there, restrained and free
And all at once Tumbling back”

1st February 2022

Night time meditation. Sitting up in bed. Flashback to being a baby in my mother’s arms. I was about 9 months old. She was smiling down at me and I felt loved and safe. My heart opened and a warm feeling of love filled my body. I could see my own chubby little arms waving about as I looked into the pretty face of a young Indian woman in a sari wearing a light orange head scarf, a red jewel in her nose and another on her forehead. I was an Indian baby girl.

22nd February 2022

A good meditation. Felt still and in the zone. I saw a small heart shaped fire with red and dark gold flickering flames, surrounded by a band of dark black living light. This was then surrounded by the normal darkness on the screen of my mind.

27th February 2022 – Energy transfer from (N)

Early morning meditation on the day of energy transfer. River of thoughts like a wall with a tiny black hole in the middle. I could see through the hole. Then my awareness was through it and out the other side. I was in the black velvety sky and the river of my thoughts was still flowing. I could see over and around and beyond them. I knew I was separate from them. Next meditation was with (R) and (S). Around 45 mins before the scheduled time, I was in the zone, and I heard a clear Voice saying “trying to connect you”. It made me smile. Then in the next meditation, after the agreed time of 12pm, it was a heavy meditation where I didn’t see light as such, but there was a sponge like blob with millions of tiny pale dark golden dots, more like dust, or the impression left after a sponge, and I could see blackness between the dots. Then there was a glow on the horizon like the sun was going to rise. My consciousness expanded and I found myself to be observing my thoughts like a river flowing through space. I was aware that I was not my thoughts and I was not my mind, these were things I was a witness to. I was separate from my mind and I was separate from my body and felt very still and peaceful.


7th March 2022

I woke up early today in meditation, seeing a huge pyramid of liquid golden shimmering light. It was WOW!!! I was in awe. The texture of it was like trillions of droplets of liquid gold. I felt I could have put my hand through it. It felt significant.

10th March 2022

Early morning meditation. I saw a white door in a black sky with the word library written above it, black letters on a white rectangular sign. Then I saw a black and white chess board.

4th April 2022

Morning Meditation. There was a glow on the horizon. It was almost daylight. I saw a big silver mirror and was looking side on at the reflection of a flame burning, 🔥 like a candle flame, but there was no candle. This was followed by a big red dot 🔴

11th April 2022

Voice said: “Remove the location blocker” and I saw a whale tail diving into the deep sea.

14th May 2022 – met with (N) and (M) in Shaftesbury


26th May 2022

Morning med. 1 hour 10 mins. Downstairs on the chair.
About 45 mins in, I found myself Astral traveling.
Looking down on a beautiful beach with waves washing on the shore and a flock of small black birds flying across the sky below me.

26th May 2022

Morning meditation downstairs.
Good focus. 1 hour 15 mins. Bright green background with white lines zooming across in front of it. Interesting!

18th February 2023

Last night when using Mantra No. 1 (Extraterrestrial Project). I had an unusual experience. I had a shift in consciousness, as if there was a glitch, and everything moved except me. I then had a vision of a man digging a field of brown earth, he was alone and was wearing a robe that was tied up in the middle. There was a lot of land all around, and I could see a lot of sky too. Suddenly Native American Indians wearing headdresses came howling in on bareback horseback, with ill intent, and painted faces. they were carrying some sort of weapons. Out of nowhere, a spaceship appeared and descended to where the man was digging, and the man was beamed up in and the spaceship shot upward into the sky and disappeared. I could see a pair of legs going up in to the bottom of the spaceship. These had trousers on, sand coloured and fringed. I assumed it was one of the Indians. The Natives were left there looking skyward. I knew this place was Oregon. This was definitely not our current timeline. I feel as if my consciousness had travelled back in time and witnessed a real event. Not sure of the year but early settler time.

Self Realisation – Enlightenment


19th February 2023

During a morning meditation, I immediately felt different, more focused than normal, and as thoughts began to slip away and I became the observer of my experience. All at once I felt my face crumble and I was sucked backwards out of my body to a place of complete stillness and absolutely nothing. It was totally dark and the darkness was everything. There were no thoughts, no sound, no words, I had no body and everything disappeared. I no longer identified with my normal identity as I was pure awareness observing my own surprise. I realised I was somewhere where thoughts didn’t exist, like the zero point, a peaceful nothing and then discovered there were no limits, no boundaries, I was everywhere. Time didn’t exist in this place and somehow I knew I was “before” time in oneness with all that is. There was an overwhelming sense of abiding peace, love and bliss that stretched out in every direction. I was unaware of how long this experience lasted until suddenly the sound came whooshing in and it was much louder than normal. I then saw a grid in the distance, it was very feint at first like a web, and I seemed to move towards it. I still couldn’t think but the image of the grid became clearer. The grid became part of a much bigger grid, like a grid within a huge grid. I tried to say the mantra but I couldn’t formulate any thoughts or words, it was like my brain wasn’t switched on. I heard myself saying something that didn’t make sense, just sounds jumbled up. Then I seemed to catch a floating sound and hold on to it and then I was back in my body. I felt totally alive and aware, laughing to myself, in awe at the whole experience. I was filled with elevated emotions.

I wondered if I could do it again so I started saying the mantra again, and after a few minutes my face crumbled and twisted and I was again sucked backwards, floating in nothing, just the most exquisite darkness …. no thoughts, no body, no limits, no time, no place, into the void, again. I drifted in this sense of pure awareness of peaceful nothing for some time, longer than before. In this time, there was nothing only me, everywhere. Pure bliss pervaded and darkness within the darkness enveloped me. It might have been the blink of an eye or 1000 years, it didn’t matter. I eventually came back to the grid, back to the mantra, back to my thoughts and back to my body.

On coming back, I immediately understood the law of duality, the words bliss and maya seemed closest to describe the difference between the state of pure consciousness and the world we live in, but I was aware that words could not define the state of bliss adequately. I felt connected to everything and everyone on an energetic level, so grateful for the experience of living, knowing that it is just the blink of an eye.

Over the next few weeks I continued to have realisations flowing through my awareness, and kept going back to the stillness between thoughts, the sound wave carrying so much information, as I could momentarily reconnect with the bliss.
I am aware that awareness is the default, the homebase, the zero point. Awareness comes before everything else. Out of nothing comes everything. The best place to come from is a place of stillness, without judgment, criticism or bias. Questions and answers do not exist in awareness. There is no need, no want, no desire. Before everything, everything is BEFORE.

Over the next month, meditating throughout the day, in one form or another, I focused my attention on integrating the experience into everyday life, tuning in to the current of awareness that lies beneath, as much as possible.

The sound has become louder, and it speaks its own language, calling me back. The experience cannot be put into words adequately as words are limited and the experience was unlimited. Now, I am reminded of the Cheshire Cat who disappeared, leaving behind only it’s smile. In terms of this lifetime, the experience was brief, but powerful, sacred, mystical, and totally comfortable and normal all at the same time.

Time and space are an illusion, they do not exist in awareness. Everything is connected – there is only oneness illuminated by the darkness. The LghtWave is the portal to another dimension where there is no separation between “God” and self, only oneness between “all that is” and what we perceive as “all that is not” which is part of the “all that is”.

This life is where we learn the hardship of separation and the joy of unity. We can tap into pure joy, peace and bliss exist within us.

My beliefs about life and death have permanently changed, they are the same only separated by the body/mind. There is no fear of death, there is only a shift in awareness;

I realised that it is in surrender that we find ourselves. The blissful state of awareness lies between each thought and awareness is “all that is”. There is no time and space in awareness, only awareness in no time and space. When we become aware that Awareness is the default, the home base, the Zero Point, we are free from the illusion of duality.

Awareness is a state of being that comes before everything else and is filled with potential and possibility. Out of nothing comes everything and HOME is a place of peace and stillness, without judgment, criticism or bias. It is always available to us.

In the same way a drop of rain merges with the ocean, our awareness in our identity is limited, separate, but on enlightenment we realise we are the ocean.

26th February 2023

In meditation, I saw the “Eye of Horus” looking at me from the darkness. I heard a voice saying “We are happy with what she is doing.”

27th March 2023

Early morning meditation. Voice said “Read the Upanishads “.

The Journey Continues…