Testimonial (S.B.)

The Initiation

A Sound rang in my head , became louder and melodious and spread all over my body, making my body vibrate accompanied by bright Light.

Immediately my heart filled with joy, lightness and energy, all cells in my body vibrated this beautiful Energy.

Then I was being pulled through a dark tunnel that was suddenly blacker than black, it was nothing there, no body, no I, NOTHING
and that scared me a bit, just pure Awareness

I then returned to the Light that was so strong and bright in my heart and exploded with an immense force that pulled me vertically upwards. I felt like I was being carried up.

I saw my own transcendental ascent. And I also recognized which patterns in my life I often choose, to prevent the ascent. After this knowledge, the ascent was natural and easy, it just happened on its own. I felt like a feather rising lightly.

Suddenly I realized the Trinity in the brilliant Light.

And I drifted in a deeper meditation state.

There was no Light anymore only realisation that I don’t have to do anything, that it meditates me constantly and therefore there is no effort.

I lost the feeling of space and time and suddenly, I saw a picture of myself, standing in front of many Beings.

I was certain that I would die now. All at once a purple Light swirled around my body, the swirl of Light became so strong and the next moment I was no longer there, I vanished and an empty , blank space remained.

I felt a state of freedom and trust at the same time and that everything was perfect as it is!